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Advice on hair dryers

Choosing a new hair dryer can be as easy as you want it to be, since hair dryers don't differ that much when it comes to the functionalities they offer. Most models have several different blow settings and temperature settings. The question then is, what should you base your choice on? Let me help you out.

1. Adjust your choice to your hair type

Remington Keratin Protect hair dryer
  • Dry and frizzy hair

With dry and frizzy hair, its important to prevent your hair from dehydration while drying. Ionic technology covers your hair in negative ions while drying, which means they're better protected.

  • Damaged or dyed hair

If your hair is damaged or dyed, you'll need to give it extra protection against heat. Hair dryers with ceramic technology divide the warmth evenly over your hair, ensuring no strands will overheat.

2. Choose a motor type

Philips hair dryer

Hair dryers can have one of several different motors. Some motors are of a higher quality than others. That quality can be seen in its noise level, weight, and lifespan.

Digital motor The most powerful motor. Generates a high blowing speed, doesn't make much noise, and is relatively light, considering its power. AC motor An AC motor is a high-quality motor. Generates a high blowing speed, but is pretty heavy. DC motor The basic motor. High blowing speed, but makes a lot of noise.

3. How to use the blow dryer?

Drying with the Remington Air3D hair dryer

Drying Drying your hair requires fewer functions than styling your hair. When all you want to do is dry your hair, you'll only need 1 or 2 temperature and blow settings.

Styling Styling requires different blow nozzles. A narrow blow nozzle is very useful when you want to detail strands, while you should use a diffuser for drying curly hair. This ensures your curls won't frizz, as well as adding volume.

4. What accessories do you need?

Remington paddle brush

Ionic brushes Ionic brushes prevent static hair and give your strands extra sheen. The ionic technology makes your hair wonderfully soft and smooth. Especially after drying, brushing your hair with an ionic brush is recommended.

Paddle brushes Paddle brushes untangle your hair quickly and easily. The large brush head can catch many hairs in one single motion. The soft cushion underneath the bristles provides resistance and makes brushing comfortable even with many tangles and knots.

5. Protect your hair

CHI hair protection

The hair dryer's heat could damage your hair. That's why you should use a hair care product that prepares your locks well and protects them from your hair dryer's heat and force. In addition, these hair care products provide beautiful sheen and keep your locks in top condition.

There's also hair dryers with integrated protection, such as a keratin and almond oil ring or a 3D air current that continuously keeps the air at a safe temperature.

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