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What you shouldn't when you're learning how to photograph

When I first went on the road with my SLR camera, I made many beginner mistakes. To make your photography adventure easier, I have listed these errors. In this article you will find tips on what you should not do if you are just learning to take pictures.

1. Always photograph in automatic mode

Use automatic mode

The automatic mode on your camera automatically sets the white balance, ISO, shutter speed and aperture. This makes shooting easier, but it does not necessarily improve your photos. When photographing in different locations and in different weather conditions, it is useful to know what the white balance or ISO do exactly. So you can respond more easily to unexpected situations. I recommend slowly moving away from the automatic mode and photographing manually.

2. Do not pay attention to your composition

Watch your composition

Everyone can take photos, but taking a good photo requires more insight. Composition is the way you position your subject in the image. The right composition can transform a boring photo into a fascinating photo. Do you always shoot at eye level? Then go stand on a stool, lie down or take a step to the left for an interesting composition. You learn to make compositions by experimenting a lot.

3. Always use autofocus

Use auto focus

If your camera is always on the autofocus, it will prevent your focus point from being placed at the desired point. Especially when making portraits it is important that the focus is on the eyes of the subject. This starts with turning off the auto focus. Then you take test shots and zoom in on your image to see if the details are sharp. Increase your shutter speed so that your camera is fast enough for sharp images.

4. Edit your photos exaggerated

Exaggerated editing

When I just started photographing, I placed all possible effects and filters on my photos. Because of the infinite choice of effects it is tempting to edit your photos too much. A common mistake is to increase saturation. This can go well, but with enthusiastic use the image looks fake. With the HSL function in editing programs you avoid unrealistic colors and enhance the natural colors of your photo in a subtle and selective way.

5. Photograph in JPEG instead of RAW

Photographing in jpeg or raw

JPEG files are original files that are compressed, causing image data to be lost. The colors and contrasts of your photo are already edited in the camera. If you want to process your photos optimally, you will need to shoot in RAW. A RAW file has a larger file size, but offers much more possibilities in post-processing. Nothing is removed or added to the photo, giving you complete control over how the photo will look.

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