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How do I connect the dispenser of my American fridge?

You have an American fridge that you want to connect to the water supply. It's important that there is a cold water tap nearby when connecting the dispenser. Make sure that you use a water filter, so that you can always tap fresh water. You can read how to connect the dispenser here.

Connect American fridge dispenser

American fridge in kitchen

You can connect the dispenser of your American fridge as follows:

  • Step 1. Close the main water supply and the cold water tap.

  • Step 2. Install the water hose on the cold water tap and tighten the hose firmly.

  • Step 3. Attach a water filter to the hose and connect it to the dispenser.

  • Step 4. Rinse the dispenser.

Step 1: Close the main water supply

Close the main water supply

To install the dispenser safely, first close the main water supply. You can usually find it in your fuse box or in the crawl space. Next, close the cold water tap you want to connect the American fridge to.

Step 2: Install the water hose

Water hose American fridge on cold water tap

After closing the main water supply and the cold water tap, install the water hose. Your fridge comes with a bag with an adapter and a ring, also called a nipple. You push this nipple onto the water hose. Next, you attach the adapter. Mount the hose on the tap with the adapter and tighten the hose firmly.

Step 3: Attach the water filter

Water filter American fridge

To always tap fresh drinking water, use a water filter. You can install one via the hose on the back of your fridge. Unscrew the bolt from this hose, remove it from the water drain of the fridge, and attach it to the water filter hose. Tighten the bolt to connect the water filter hose and water drain. Next, tighten the 2 clamps. Place the water filter vertically upright in these clamps in the correct direction.

Step 4: Rinse the dispenser

American fridge dispenser

After installing the water filter, rinse the dispenser. You can do this by tapping 6 to 8 pitchers of water. This way, you can remove air bubbles and dirt from the system. Make sure that you tap in batches, not continuously. Once the water is clear, you know that it's successfully rinsed. The dispenser is now ready for use.

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