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How do I extend the battery life of my iPhone?

The Apple iPhone is known for its long battery life. I do sometimes have trouble getting through the day with my battery. When I use my iPhone very intensively for a day, for example. In addition, I notice that after having used my iPhone for 2 years, the battery life has decreased. With these tips, I can make the most out of my iPhone battery life.

Always update the iPhone to the latest software

iOS updates

A lot of problems that are reported to Apple are about the battery life. Luckily, these problems can be solved with software and a new iOS update is released regularly. Problems with the battery life may be resolved with a new iOS update. It may be that my iPhone X, which hasn't been updated for a while, has a shorter battery life than the iPhone X of my friend, who always updated his iPhone. This is why I ensure my iPhone is always updated to the most recent version.

Avoid high temperatures

iPhone temperature

The Apple iPhone functions great within a wide temperature range. The ideal temperature is between 16 and 22℃. If I use my iPhone in a very cold environment, I notice that my battery lasts less long. Fortunately, this is only temporary. When I am in a warm environment, the battery will perform as usual. Unfortunately, the damage inflicted on my phone when I expose my iPhone to a temperature above 35℃ is not temporary. Too high a temperature can permanently damage the battery. Avoid this at all costs!

Charge iPhone without a case

Charging without a case

So heat is bad for my iPhone. What's even worse than high temperatures is charging my iPhone when the device is too hot. That's why I charge my iPhone without a case. A case often generates extra heat. And that's bad for the battery. Always charge your phone without a cover: it only takes a small effort, but has a large effect.

Store the iPhone with a half-empty battery

Store the iPhone with a half-empty battery

When I travel for a few months, I prefer to take a cheap device with me. The following tips are important when I store my iPhone for a longer period of time. 1. I make sure that my device is not fully charged, but also not empty. A 50-percent battery is perfect. 2. I switch off my iPhone completely so that it doesn't use any power. 3. I store my device in a dry and relatively cool place. Between 16 and 22℃ is ideal.

Adjust the brightness of the screen

iPhone screen brightness

Most people probably know this tip, but it can't be missing from this list. The iPhone screen is the biggest energy waste. That's why I keep the brightness as low as possible, especially in dark rooms. I only switch on full brightness when it's really needed, for example outside in the sun. I can always adjust the brightness manually, but the automatic function is more convenient. In this case, my screen automatically adjusts to the ambient light.

Switch off unnecessary vibrations

iPhone vibrate mode

Vibrations use a lot of energy. That's why I prevent my iPhone from vibrating unnecessarily. I switch off vibrations for unimportant notifications. For notifications such as an incoming call or a text message, I only switch off unnecessary vibrations. What do I mean by that? My iPhone only vibrates when in vibrate mode, but not when my sound is on. In this case, I already hear a ringtone. This way, I can save energy and I don't miss a single call. I do this via SettingsSounds. I switch off Vibrate with ringtone or Vibrate with sound.

Extend the battery life with a Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case

To protect my iPhone from scratches, I use a case. The Smart Battery Case not only protects my iPhone, but it also extends its battery life. There is an integrated battery in the case. Bringing a separate power bank is a thing of the past. To give you an indication of how much extra energy this case provides: iPhone Xs has a talk time of 20 hours without a Battery Case, and with this case, it's up to 33 hours. That's definitely worth it.

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