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How do I set up email on my iPad and iPhone?

I can set up my email in different ways on Apple iPad or iPhone: automatically and manually. In this article, I'll first explain how to automatically set up an email account. This is the most commonly used method. Can't do it this way? I'll explain how to manually add an email account further down in this article.

Setting up an email account automatically

Setting up an email account automatically

When I use an iCloud, Google, or Outlook email account, for example, I can easily set up my account. This is how:

  • I go to Settings, then click Passwords and accounts, then New account.
  • I select my email provider, in my case
  • On the next screen, I fill in my email address and password.
  • I can now choose whether I want to see my email account data on the iPad, like my calendar and contacts.
  • I click Save.

Setting up an email account manually

Enter email account manually

If the above steps don't work, I'll need to set up my email account manually, like when I have an email address of my own website, for example. I will need to know my account's email settings. If I don't know those, I'll need to look them up or request them from my email provider. This is how I manually set up my email account:

  • I go to Settings, then click Passwords and accounts, then New account.
  • I then click Other, then Add email account.
  • I enter my name, email address, password, and a description, such as 'Work mail'.
  • I then click Next. Mail will search for the email settings. Once it's done, I simply click Ready.
  • If Mail doesn't find them, I'll need to enter the settings manually. You can read below how to do that.

Entering settings manually

Entering settings manually
  • I choose IMAP or POP for my new email account. If I don't know which one to choose, I ask my email provider.
  • I fill in my data for Server incoming mail and Server outgoing mail.
  • I then click Next.
  • If I don't have this data, I look it up or request it from my email provider.
  • If the settings are correct, I click Save.
  • If the settings are incorrect, I change them. If it still doesn't work, I contact my email provider.

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