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A blender, juicer, or slow juicer: which one do you choose?

With a juicer, you'll be making a different kind of juice than with a slow juicer. If you want to make a smoothie, it really is better to use a blender. Want to know what exactly the difference is between these 3 juice makers? Read on.

Compare juice makers



Main function: Purifying   With a blender, puree your ingredients into a smoothie, sauce or soup.

Suitable for me? A blender is useful when you like to make fresh smoothies and cocktails. Some blenders have a program for soup.

  • Ideal for making thick juices or sauces.
  • You do not chop any outing and do not make clear juice with it.


Main function: Grating   A juice extractor extracts the juice from fruits and vegetables by grating it very quickly at a high speed.

Suitable for me? A juicer is something for you when you like cloudy juices. Most of the flesh stays behind in the sieve, but there are always some small particles left behind in the juice.

  • Ideal for making turbid fruit juices.
  • Less suitable for wheat and leaf vegetables.
Slow juicer

Slow juicer

Main function: Pressing   A slow juicer squeezes the juice from fruit and vegetables by crushing it at a low speed.

Suitable for me? You choose a slowjuicer if you like clear juice, without flesh. All the flesh stays behind in the sieve, resulting in a transparent, thin juice.

  • Ideal for making clear fruit and vegetable juices.
  • No possibility to add pulp.

Juice maker vs slowjuicer

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