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How do I descale my electric kettle?

A kettle doesn't require a lot of maintenance. We do recommend descaling your kettle from time to time, though. Here, I'll explain why this is important and how you do it.

Why descale?

After a while, a layer of limescale will build up in your kettle. As a result, the heat conducts less well and it takes longer before the water boils. By regularly descaling it, you also prevent bits of lime from ending up in your tea.

How do I descale my kettle?

There are several substances you can use to descale your kettle. If you want to be done quickly, choose a bottle of ready-to-use descaler from the supermarket. Do make sure that you choose a product that's suitable for use in a kettle. Follow the instructions of the label. If you prefer to use a natural product, use cleaning vinegar or lemon juice. These substances are environmentally friendly and often much cheaper as well. Here I'll explain how to descale a kettle with vinegar or lemon juice.


To descale your kettle you need vinegar or lemon juice and a clean tea towel. You'll spend about 20 minutes in total descaling a kettle.

How do I descale my electric kettle?

Step 1

Fill the kettle with a mixture of water and lemon juice or vinegar so that all the limescale is under water. Make sure that one half is water and the other half is lemon juice or vinegar.

Step 2

Turn on your kettle and let it cook. Next, let it stand for fifteen minutes to let it cool down, then empty the kettle. The lime layer should now have disappeared. If there's some lime left behind, repeat the first 2 steps.

Step 3

If you see that the kettle is lime-free, rinse it with clean water. Repeat until it no longer smells of vinegar or lemon. Afterwards, dry the whole kettle with a clean tea towel.

You're now done descaling your kettle.

How often do I have to descale?

If you see that a layer of lime has formed in your kettle, descale it. With daily use, this should be about once every 3 months.

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