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Installing a Canon printer: step-by-step plan and tips

Do you want to install or connect your Canon printer via WiFi or with a cable? I would like to explain to you how you can do this the easiest, on the basis of a step-by-step plan for your smartphone and PC.

In short

What are you going to do? Install and connect your Canon printer
Which printer is this explanation suitable for? All Canon printers
What do you need? Your Canon printer and your smartphone or a laptop or computer. If you have a printer without WiFi, you also need a printer cable.
How long does it take? 10-15 minutes

Use of the app

The advantages

The easiest way to set up your printer is with the Canon PRINT app. This allows you to set up a maximum of 10 printers in a row and share your printers directly with your family members, roommates, or colleagues. Afterward, you can also use your printer via your laptop or PC and print easily from your smartphone. With Smartphone Capture, you scan documents with the camera on your phone and send them directly to your Canon printer.

Install your printer

  1. Install the Canon PRINT app via the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).
  2. At the top left, touch the symbol of a printer with a plus sign.
  3. Select the right printer and connect via WiFi.
  4. The printer is ready for use.

Installation via your PC

If you prefer installing your printer via your laptop or PC or can't use the app, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the Canon printer

Leave the connector of the printer out of the socket.

  1. Remove your Canon printer from its packaging and remove all tape and transport material. Also make sure that you remove any protective material on the inside of the printer. Make sure you look at the manual so you don't forget any material.
  2. Insert the connector into the socket to power the printer.
  3. Do you want to connect your printer with a cable? If so, connect a printer cable to the printer and your laptop or desktop PC.
  4. Turn on the printer.
  5. Load the cartridges and then a stack of paper. The printer itself is now ready for use.

Step 2: install the software

You have connected your printer. Now we are going to make sure that your computer can control the printer. We install software from Canon for this.

  1. Go to 'Canon.nl/support' in your browser.
  2. Enter the product name of your printer in the search bar, or select the correct printer family from the list under 'select product', for example PIXMA, i-SENSYS or MAXIFY. On the next page, you can choose the right line and the exact model. The model and number of your printer can be found on the front of the device, on the box, and in the manual.
  3. In the green frame, select the operating system on which you want to install the printer, such as Windows 10 or MacOS High Sierra. Right below it, click on 'Download'.
  4. Open the file. You can skip preparing the printer. After all, you've already done that. In the third or fourth step, choose whether you want to connect via WiFi or with a printer cable. Installing the software can take a few minutes.

Step 3: Connect via WiFi

There are two ways to connect your printer to WiFi. The easiest way is to connect your printer to WiFi using the Canon software on your PC. If that does not work or you prefer to set up your WiFi from your printer, follow the next steps.

Method 1:

Select in the Canon software you just installed for 'WiFi Connection' or 'WiFi Connection'. Follow the instructions in the following steps. Then your printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Method 2:

  1. Go to 'Settings' on your printer and then go to 'WiFi settings':
  2. Select the WiFi setup wizard.
  3. Select the name of your network. This is also called SSID.
  4. Enter the password for your WiFi network.
  5. Press the OK button.

Step 4: Connect using a printer cable (optional)

If you prefer to connect your printer with a printer cable instead of using WiFi, choose this option in the installation software. The rest of the installation is the same as in the previous steps.

Problems during or after installation

You have now successfully connected your printer. Are you still experiencing problems? Is your printer not printing or is the paper jammed? Check out our advice pages on how to solve the problem.

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