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What is an airfryer?

The aifryer, you've probably heard of it. But what exactly is an airfryer? In this article I explain it to you. You can also read here how an airfyer works and what the advantages and disadvantages of such an airfryer are. So you decide easily if an airfryer is what you are looking for.

This is an airfryer

Philips airfryer with fries and chicken

An airfryer is a 'hot air fryer', with which you deep-fry ingredients by means of hot air. You do not need frying fat for this. With some airfryers you only use a small spoonful of oil. This is not a frying oil, but a healthy and vegetable variant. This makes crispy fries and snacks in a healthy way. With the different programs and baking accessories you also use the airfryer for baking, roasting and grilling. You can make various dishes with an airfryer, from snacks to evening meals.

This is how an airfryer works

Inside airfryer with airflow

An airfryer heats air up to a temperature of about 200 ° C. The hot air constantly circulates through the pan. So cook your dishes evenly and all around. This makes fries on all sides equally cooked and creates a crispy crust. Depending on the dish you make, you set the temperature and baking time via the control panel. With some airfryers you easily choose a specific baking program, for example for grilling chicken. These options vary by brand and type of airfryer.

The benefits of an airfryer

Tefal airfryer with spoon of oil

The main advantage is that you do not need frying oil or frying fat for preparing snacks. That makes fries and croquettes from an airfryer less fat and therefore healthier. In addition to frying snacks, you also grill chicken legs or vegetables and even bake muffins. The yarn with hot air goes fast and during baking you do not suffer from frying fumes. An airfryer is safe to use because no deep-frying spatters can jump out of the pan. Without caked frying fat, the removable inner pan is easy to clean.

  • Healthy frying with hot air
  • Also suitable for baking, grilling and roasting
  • No deep-frying vapors
  • Easier to clean
  • Safe to use

Airfryer vs deep fryer

Airfryer and frying pan on opposite sides

Are you looking for a new fryer, but do you find it difficult to choose between an airfryer or deep fryer? Then quickly review this article and find out exactly what the differences are.

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