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What is the build quality of a freezer?

The build quality of a freezer says something about its lifespan. The higher the build quality, the longer you'll be able to enjoy your freezer. To indicate the difference in quality, we distinguish between 3 classes: top-notch, mid-range, and basic. Do you want to enjoy your freezer for as long as possible? Choose a top-notch model.

This is how we determine build quality

When determining the build quality of a freezer, we keep the following specifications in mind:

  • Inverter motor: has less friction point, so it wear less than a conventional compressor.
  • Anti-ice buildup: the compressor won't work hard unnecessarily due to ice buildup.*
  • Anti-vacuum door handle: the rubber in the door wears less fast, because you open the door without pressure.
  • Storage time in case of power failure: a long storage time indicates that a fridge is well-isolated.*
  • Material of the door and casing: stainless steel ages better than plastic, because it scratches less easily.
  • Impressible door seal: the door seals are easily replacable if the door doesn't close anymore due to wear.
  • Max. ambient temperature: the cooling capacity reduces faster in a low ambient temperature.
  • Min. ambient temperature: the cooling capacity reduces faster in a high ambient temperature.
  • LED light: lasts longer than a normal light.

High-end build quality

Top-notch freezer

We class a freezer as top-notch if it has at least 70% of the most important specifications for a long lifespan. Thanks to the high-quality materials and techniques used, a freezer with top-notch build quality lasts a long time. All top-notch freezers have an inverter compressor. This compressor has less friction points and is more silent and energy-efficient than its predecessor, the conventional compressor. A top-notch freezer has No Frost 9 out of 10 times, as well as an anti-vacuum door handle.

Mid-range build quality

Mid-range freezer

A freezer with a mid-range build quality has over half of the relevant specifications for build quality. Almost all mid-range freezers have some type of anti ice buildup function: Low Frost or No Frost. Anti ice buildup is extra important for a mid-range freezer, because it uses a conventional compressor. This traditional compressor wears faster than the inverter compressor the top-notch freezers have. To avoid extra wear, you have to make sure that the freezer is ice-free.

Basic build quality

Basic freezer

Does a freezer have less than 50% of the specifications for build quality mentioned above? It's a basic freezer. If you choose a basic freezer, you generally have to sacrifice quality for a lower price. Most basic freezers don't have anti ice buildup features. To be able to enjoy your freezer as long as possible, you have to defrost the freezer compartment 5 to 6 times a year. It will take less energy for the motor to freeze if the walls aren't covered in ice.

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