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The best Nintendo Switch gaming setup at home

Gaming at home

You can use your Nintendo Switch both at home and on the road. Whether you're playing by yourself on your couch at home, or whether you take on your friends, you can go anywhere in the Switch. Use it at home or on the go thanks to the exchangeable controllers and the portable screen. The console itself is the docking station for your charger and at the same time ensures the best gaming experience at home.

Extra controllers

With an extra set of Joy-Cons you can play with up to 4 players on your Nintendo Switch at the same time. Nice if you want to play Mario Kart with your friends at a party.


Nintendo Switch | Wireless | Own battery
no longer available

With this extra set of Joy-Cons you can play with up to 4 players on your Nintendo Switch at the same time. You can use the left and right controller separately or at the same time to control your Switch. Even if your old Joy-Cons are broken, you can easily replace them with this new set.

Chargers for your controllers

Make sure you never run out of power. Because you will just see, the moment you almost win from your friends in a game of Mario Party, your Joy-Con will fall out. With a good charger, your controllers are always charged and you keep them neatly together.

The best charger for your Joy-Cons

With the Trust GXT 1224 Joy Con Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch you can charge your 4 Joy-Cons at the same time, so you can play with a charged controller again the next time. You keep all your controllers in one place in the holder that you place next to your Switch, for example.

SD cards for Nintendo Switch

With a storage capacity of 32 GB, your Nintendo Switch may soon become full. We therefore recommend purchasing an additional memory card with your console so that you have enough space for all your games.

The best SD card for your Nintendo Switch

Storage capacity: 128GB | Memory card type: MicroSD | Read speed: 100MB/s
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Whether you use your Nintendo Switch at home or on the go, with this SD card you always have your favorite games with you. The storage capacity of 128 GB is enough for about 20 Switch games.


At home you play the best when you have a good television. For the Nintendo Switch, you prefer a television with a large size, so that you can see exactly what you are doing from the couch.

The best television for your Nintendo Switch

As a novice gamer you probably want to play games on your TV in the living room. On the Samsung UE43RU7440 you play your favorite games with your Switch and view your Netflix in 4K with the built-in app.


Do you want to expand your entry level setup? On our advice page we tell you exactly which accessories you use even more for the coolest gaming experience.

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