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Which RAM fits in my laptop?

Are you looking for extra RAM memory to speed up your laptop? First, make sure to check whether it uses DDR3 or DDR4 RAM memory. Plus, always select a SODIMM. These modules are smaller because they are specifically developed for use in laptops.

What should I keep in mind when buying laptop storage?

RAM laptop

In a laptop, there isn't as much room for computer parts as in a desktop computer. That's why the RAM for your laptop is much more compact in size. This compact RAM is called SODIMM. Are you looking for laptop RAM? Always choose this type of module.

Which type of RAM do I place in my Windows laptop?

RAM Windows laptop

The second choice you have to make is what type of memory you want. In laptops of the past 10 years, you'll find DDR3 or DDR4 memory. Because these types of internal memory aren't compatible, you have to purchase the right type of memory. You can find out which type you need without having to open up your laptop when you install an external app such as CPU-Z and go to 'Memory'.

Which type of RAM do I place in my MacBook?

RAM memory MacBook

You can easily find out which type of RAM you need for a MacBook. Simply click on the Apple logo in the top-left corner and go to 'About this Mac'. Here, you'll find the type of RAM that's installed.

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