Winix NK305

Pros and cons

According to our air purifier expert
  • Pros:
    Set up the air purifier with your smartphone, thanks to the Winix Smart app.
  • Pros:
    The ionizer removes pollen, dust particles, and static charges from the air.
  • Pros:
    The air purifier switches on automatically when it detects poor air quality.
  • Con:
    This air purifier isn't equipped with wheels for easy movement.

Do you have limited space for a large air purifier? If so, the Winix NK305 is a godsend. This tower model is compact so that it fits into any interior. You can easily use it via the Winix Smart App on your smartphone. The app indicates what the air quality is at home. You can also set a cleaning schedule in the app or review the air quality of the last month. The air purifier measures the air quality with the air sensor and adjusts the ventilation setting accordingly. The 3-fold filter removes allergens, bacteria, pollen, viruses, fine dust, and unpleasant odors from the air. The integrated ionizer ensures that the air is cleared of microorganisms. Even at night, the air purifier simply does its job. Set it to night mode and it cleans the air completely silently so you can sleep easily.

Note: the filter has to be replaced when it becomes saturated.

Included by default

  • HEPA filter
  • Manual

Recommended combinations

  • Winix NK305 + Stekkerdoos

    • Winix NK305
    € 405,99 € 403,99
    10% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow
  • 2x Winix NK305

    • Winix NK305
    € 772,- € 760,42
    3% discount on the accessory
    Delivered tomorrow


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