TP-Link TL-WPA8635P WiFi 1,200Mbps 2 adapters

Pros and cons

According to our powerline adapter expert
  • Pros:
    With a speed of 1,200Mbps, the powerlines are suitable for the most demanding network tasks, such as streaming movies and online gaming.
  • Pros:
    With dual band, you can set up 2 separate WiFi networks that can be used simultaneously.
  • Pros:
    With gigabit ethernet ports, you can transfer files 10 times faster than with fast ethernet ports.
  • Con:
    Measuring 15cm, the 2nd powerline takes up a lot of space.
  • Con:
    Powerline adapters don't work properly in a power strip, so always plug them directly into a socket.
Product Expert powerline adapters

With the TP-Link TL-WPA8635P powerline adapters, you can create an additional WiFi network in your home in a place where you don't have wirelesss signal now. Simply plug the first adapter into the socket and connect it to your router. Plug the other adapter into a socket in the place where you want to set up your additional WiFi network, such as the attic or your garden house. Thanks to the 3 network ports on this adapter, you can also connect multiple wired devices without any hassle, for instance a TV receiver, game console, or IP camera. Thanks to the integrated sockets, you won't have to give up a socket.

Included by default

  • 2 network cables
  • Quick start guide

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