Samsung BRR19M011WW

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Price 508,- 528,-
Energy label A++ A+
Appliance placement Built-in Built-in
Niche height 122,1 - 122,7 cm 122,1 - 122,7 cm

Key specs

Appliance placement
Niche height
122,1 - 122,7 cm
Hinge system
Sliding door
Energy label
122,7 cm

Pros and cons

According to our freestanding fridge expert
  • Pros:
    Has a small 14-liter freezer compartment for a loaf of bread and ice cream.
  • Pros:
    The door direction can be adjusted, so it fits in any kitchen.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to air circulation, the cooling compartment is cooled evenly.
  • Con:
    The fridge has a sliding door system: make sure the hinge is suitable for your kitchen.
  • Con:
    The A+ energy label means it isn't the most energy efficient fridge .
  • Con:
    Has a shallow crisper drawer, so it doesn't store as much.
Product Expert freestanding fridges

The Samsung BRR19M011WW is a built-in fridge with a small 14-liter freezer compartment. That's useful, as you can store a frozen pizza, half a loaf of bread, and a tub of ice cream here, so you'll always have some food in store. The fridge has a capacity of 170 liters, which makes it suitable for 3 to 4 people. Fruit and vegetables can be stored in the crisper drawer, bottles of soda or wine can be placed in the door compartment and the bottle rack, and your other groceries fit on the 3 height-adjustable shelves. The handy open-door alarm beeps when the door isn't fully shut, or when you take too much time standing in front of the fridge with the door open, trying to decide what to have for dinner.


Is this the built-in fridge for you, but aren't you sure if it fits? Read how to choose the right fridge.

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    Samsung BRR19M011WW + Built-in dishwasher

    • Samsung BRR19M011WW
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    In stock