Indesit DIFP EU CB 300 / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 82 - 90cm

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Indesit DIFP EU CB 200 / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 82 - 90cm
Indesit DIFP EU CB 300 / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 82 - 90cm
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Product information

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Appliance placement
Created with Sketch. Front panel
Created with Sketch. Type of dishwasher
Fully integrated
Created with Sketch. Niche height
82 - 90 cm
Created with Sketch. Height of front panel
65 - 72 cm

Pros and cons

According to our dishwasher expert
  • Pros:
    With room for 14 place settings, this dishwasher is more spacious than similar models.
  • Pros:
    Your glassware will come out of the dishwasher undamaged thanks to the delicate program.
  • Con:
    Doesn't have an extra-silent night cycle to do the dishes at a low noise level.
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Note!: Each kitchen is different, so make sure to measure if this dishwasher will fit in your kitchen. Here you can read what you should consider when choosing the right dishwasher.

The Indesit DIFP EU CB 300 has room for 14 place settings, which equals a lot of dirty dishes. That's why this dishwasher is suitable for larger households. The dishwasher has 8 programs, including an automatic one. If you choose this program, the dishwasher determines the water consumption, the temperature, and the duration. Your dishes will always clean after you run the automatic program. Use the floor projection to see if your plates, pots, and pans are clean. Do you often clean bowls and casseroles? The upper basket has 2 supports you fold downward. This way, you can quickly and easily make room for dishes with an irregular shape.

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