Written by Jimmy

4 ways my MacBook works with my Apple TV

Apple TV doesn't just let me stream from my iPhone to my TV, but from my MacBook too. I do this by using Apple Airplay, which comes pre-installed on my MacBook. In this article, I'll tell you about some handy ways to use your MacBook in combination with your Apple TV.

What do I need?

In order to be sure that all methods in this list work, I make sure I have a few things at my disposal.

  • Apple TV with the latest updates
  • Apple MacBook
  • MacOS Sierra with the latest updates
  • A TV
  • My Apple TV and Macbook on the same WiFi network

1. Viewing photos and videos

Sometimes, I want to look at my vacation photos or that somewhat embarrassing clip from the family reunion on the big screen in my living room. Apple TV allows me to easily send an album I prepared in advance from the Photos app to my television. I open the first photo from the album and then press the button in the top right of the window. There, I select AirPlay and my Apple TV. Next, my photos and videos will appear on the big screen and I can control what I show on my TV from my MacBook.

2. Watching Netflix or YouTube

Of course I sometimes watch Netflix series or handy tutorial videos on my MacBook. Luckily, both websites make it very easy to stream video to my Apple TV. In order to play my favorite series from my MacBook on my TV, I first start an episode. Next, I click on the AirPlay icon in the bottom right and select my Apple TV from the list. Time to enjoy that exciting finale.

3. Streaming music

The 7.1 surround sound set connected to my TV can get a lot louder than my MacBook's speakers. That's why I sometimes play my iTunes library via Apple TV. I open iTunes and click on the icon next to the volume slider in the top left. Apple TV will appear in the list so I can select it. iTunes will then appear on my television via Apple TV. The music I then select will be played via my TV's sound set.

4. Mirroring my entire screen

In order to display multiple monitors simultaneously on my television, I share my MacBook screen with my Apple TV. I click the AirPlay icon in the top right corner of my screen. I select Apple TV and within seconds I can see my MacBook screen on my TV. Depending on the speed of my Internet, there can be a slight delay, so it's not ideal for videos or games. It is however a nice way to view websites and documents on a large screen.

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