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Support for screen protectors

Placing a screen protector or protective foil can be a challenge. Did you buy a screen protector, and do you need help placing it? On this page, we'll show you how to place a screen protector, we'll give you a few handy tips and we'll tell you when and how to remove a screen protector.

How do you apply a screen protector?

Placing a screen protector can be pretty difficult. That's why Jasper will show you exactly how you can neatly put a screen protector on your screen in this video. Our expert uses a plastic screen protector in this video, but you can also apply this method using a glass screen protector.

Placement tips

Rather want to take your time and read how to apply a screen protector? Follow the tips below on how to place a screen protector. These tips are applicable for placing protective glass and protective foil.

Tip 1: Choose the right surroundings

When you're placing a glass or plastic screen protector, it's important to have as little dust particles in the air as possible. Dust causes annoying air bubbles to appear under your screen protector, and this is something you want to prevent. A humid space, such as the bathroom, makes sure there are few dust particles floating around. Turn on the hot water 5 minutes before you place the screen protector, in order to increase the humidity in the room. This minimizes air bubbles.

Tip 2: Prepare and get everything ready

Make sure you have everything you need at hand. If you apply the screen protector quickly, you'll have less chance of getting annoying dust particles under it.

Tip 3: Wash your hands

During the placement, you want to keep your screen protector and phone free of grease and dirt. That's why it's important to properly wash your hands before sticking the screen protector on your phone. This prevents stains and air bubbles caused by greasy fingerprints.

Tip 4: Properly clean your phone

Make sure your screen is clean. A screen protector always comes with wipes to clean the screen. Use them! Sometimes, stickers are included to get rid of dust on your screen. If stickers are not included, you can use tape to do this.

Tip 5: Align

With some screen protectors, a bumper to help you align is included. Is this not the case? Then use the edges of your screen and the cutouts in the screen protector (for instance, for the speaker or home button) to correctly align the screen protector. It might happen, your screen protector isn't in place the first time. That's nothing to worry about, but try to prevent repeatedly sticking it. It doesn't benefit the condition of your screen protector.

Tip 6: Wipe, don't drop

Do you feel like the screen protector is properly aligned? Good. Now stick the rest of the screen protector on. Slowly work your way down, and make sure not to 'drop' the screen protector onto the screen. Use the included piece of plastic (or a bank card) to wipe the screen protector onto the screen.

Tip 7: Wipe some more

The screen protector's on, but there may still be a few bubbles. You can use the hard piece of plastic (or a bank card) to wipe them away. Wipe them to the nearest edge to get rid of them. Can't get rid of a bubble? Gently pull the screen protector back off up to just over the bubble, and then use the piece of plastic to wipe it down again.

Tip 8: Done!

Is your screen protector is aligned, are there no visible bubbles, and do the edges fit nicely? Congratulations, you're done! Your screen is now protected against scratches and bumps.

When and how do you remove a screen protector?

Can't see your screen through the scratches on your screen protector? Maybe it's time to replace it. Other than that, when to change your screen protector is entirely up to you. Some people can't stand the sight of 1 scratch, while others don't care how many scratches are visible. 

How do you remove a scree protector?

Removing a screen protector isn't rocket science. The best way to do this is by loosening a corner of the screen protector with your fingernail and then tearing the screen protector off. Can't loosen it with your fingernail? Try using a needle or a thumbtack to loosen the corner of the screen protector. Make sure to keep the needle or thumbtack aligned to your screen. This will help you avoid scratching your screen with the needle or thumbtack.

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