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What temperature should my freezer have?

It's important to set the right temperature for your freezer. If the temperature is set too low, you're wasting energy. If the temperature is set too high, your food won't keep as well. On this page, you can read about the ideal temperature for your freezer.

Ideal temperature

The ideal temperature to set your freezer's thermostat to is -18 degrees Celsius. You can often set the thermostat to an even lower temperature, but this isn't necessary. A temperature lower than -18 degrees won't keep your products fresh for longer. All freezers have a star rating that indicates at what temperature they can freeze food. All freezers in our assortment have an **** rating, which means they can freeze food at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius or lower.


You can usually see the temperature on your freezer's display. Doesn't your freezer have a display? Measure the temperature yourself by placing a thermometer between the products for a few hours. This way, you can measure the actual temperature of the products in your freezer. The air temperature is a lot higher than the actual temperature.

Save energy

If you use your freezer consciously, you can save on your energy bill. I'll give you a few tips to reduce our freezer's energy consumption below:

  • Don't place your freezer next to a heat source. This means it has to work harder to freeze your food.
  • Make sure there's enough distance between the back and the wall, so heat can escape properly.
  • To keep the appliance at the right temperature, don't leave the door open unnecessarily.
  • Let hot products cool down before freezing them. Regularly clear the dust from the vents at the back of the freezer with a soft brush.
  • Regularly defrost your freezer. 2 millimeters of ice increase energy consumption by as much as 10%.

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