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How do you choose the right trimmer?

You can cut your hair short with a trimmer, but it's difficult to choose the right one with so many different types. Do you need a beard trimmer, hair clippers, or a multi-purpose trimmer to achieve the desired result? And what should you keep in mind when choosing the right trimmer? In this article, we'll explain how you can choose the best trimmer for you.

Choosing a trimmer

Trimming beard and hair

When choosing the best trimmer for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to trim?
  • Which shaving lengths do you need?
  • Do you want separate comb attachments or an adjustable comb attachment?
  • Do you want a wide or a narrow trimming head?
  • Do you want a wired or a wireless model?
  • What accessories do you need?


Beard trimmer


If you only want to trim your beard, a beard trimmer is a good choice. A beard trimmer has a smaller blade than hair clippers. This way, you can also trim the hard to reach places. A beard trimmer isn't suitable to use as hair clippers. The motor is less powerful than that of hair clippers. As a result, the trimmer may pull your hair and you won't get an even result.

Hair clippers


You use hair clippers to give yourself a new haircut. Hair clippers have a powerful motor, so you can effortlessly trim even the thickest hair. In addition, hair clippers are larger than a beard trimmer and they have a wider cutting blade. Because of the size of the cutting blade, hair clippers are less suitable for trimming your beard.

Beard trimmer

Beard and hair

Do you want to trim both your beard and your hair? You need a multi-purpose trimmer. A multi-purpose trimmer is a combination of different trimmers. You can use most multi-purpose trimmers as hair clippers and a beard trimmer. With a multi-purpose trimmer, you get different comb attachments that are each suitable for a different body part. Depending on the comb attachments, you can also use a multi-purpose trimmer to trim your body hair.

Shaving lengths

Trimming the beard


The shaving lengths you need depends on the result you want to achieve. Do you want almost bald? You need a shaving length shorter than 0.5 millimeters. Do you want to trim a long beard? You need a trimmer that has a shaving length that is longer than 15 millimeters.

Trimming your hair


Completely bald won't work with hair clippers, you need an electric shaver for that. But hair clippers with a minimum shaving length shorter than 0.9 millimeters will give you an almost bald result. Do you want a little longer hair? If so, it's important that the hair clippers have a shaving length of longer than 35 millimeters.

Trimmer for beard and hair

Beard and hair

With a multi-purpose trimmer, you usually get a number of comb attachments with different shaving lengths. Just like with beard trimmers and hair clippers, you choose the shaving length based on the result you want to achieve. When making a choice, make sure that the multi-purpose trimmer has a suitable shaving length for both your beard and your hair.

Comb attachments

Comb attachment with fixed shaving length

Fixed comb attachments

Several comb attachments are included with a trimmer with fixed comb attachments. You set the shaving length by clicking one of these comb attachments on the trimmer. If you choose a trimmer with fixed comb attachments, you have to pay close attention to the shaving lengths. Do you want to create a fade? In that case, it's important that the difference between the comb attachments isn't more than 1 millimeter.

Slider adjustable shaving length comb attachment

Adjustable comb attachments

Trimmers with an adjustable comb attachment can be set via a slider or dial on the trimmer. This means you don't have to work with different comb attachments to determine the shaving length. An advantage of a trimmer with an adjustable comb attachment is that you can often precisely adjust the shaving length up to half a millimeter. This makes it easier to create a fade in your beard or hairstyle.

Trim head


The width of the trim head affects the result you achieve. A trimmer with a wide trim head is more suitable for rough work than for detailing. So before you make a decision, it's important to determine whether you only want to trim your hair shorter or make a shaved line, for example.

Wired or wireless

Charging trimmer

Most trimmers work on a rechargeable battery, but there are also a number of trimmers that only work wired. If you want to trim several times in a row, it's important that you choose a trimmer with a long battery life or a wired trimmer. This way, you can be sure that the trimmer will continue to work. If you don't want to be tied to a socket, a cordless trimmer is a good choice.


Trimming nose hair

Nose trimmer

Finally, it's important that you ask yourself which accessories you need. Do you also want to trim your nose and ear hair? If so, a trimmer with a nose trimmer or nose trimmer attachment is a good choice. Doesn't your favorite trimmer have such an attachment? It's also possible to purchase a separate nose trimmer.

Precision trimmer with laser guide

Precision trimmer

Do you also want to neatly trim your sideburns and neck hairs? Or do you want to make a shaved line? In that case, it's important that you choose a trimmer with a detail trimmer or a precision trimmer. This is an attachment with an extra small shaver foil, so you can work very precisely.

Shaving shaver blade

Shaver attachment

Do you want to use the trimmer to shave your head bald? You need a trimmer with a shaver blade or shaving attachment. The shortest shaving length on a trimmer is usually 0.5 millimeters. This always leaves some hair behind.

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