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The advantages of a curved monitor

A monitor with a curved screen. It's indispensable in the world of monitors. A so-called curved monitor has a number of advantages compared to a 'normal' monitor. Below, I explain what a curved monitor is and how it benefits you.

What is a curved monitor?

Curved monitor top view

A curved monitor has a curved screen. The curve of the screen is expressed in R, meaning radius. The lower the number before the R, the bigger the curve of the screen. A monitor with a 3000R curve is less curved than a 1800R monitor. The effect of a curved monitor is very noticeable if you sit behind your monitor alone, and if sit in front of the middle of the screen.

A panoramic effect

The curved screen of a curved monitor curves around you. It creates a panoramic effect, allowing you to experience more depth. In addition, the distance from your eyes to the monitor is the same throughout the screen. This means that you have to move less with your eyes and head and you get less strain on your eyes and neck.

Intense game experience

Curved gaming monitor Dell

You can use a curved monitor for any computer application, but one in particular stands out and that is gaming. Because of the curved screen, you experience your games more intensively and it feels like you're in the middle of it. This is because the screen appears a little larger and the bend of the screen makes the colors stand out better.

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