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Are you looking for a new monitor for working, gaming, or photo shopping? Here, you'll find the perfect monitor for your desktop or laptop. Which screen suits you best depends on your usage situation. If you're looking for a gaming monitor, it's best to choose a display with a high refresh rate and a low response time. For example, a 144Hz 1ms monitor. This ensures a smooth image. Is image quality more important than speed? Go for a razor-sharp Quad HD or 4K monitor with an IPS panel for a beautiful color reproduction while gaming. Are you looking for a computer monitor for business use? Make sure it's adjustable and has enough screen space. If you want to make extra efficient reports, presentations, or homework, choose an ultrawide monitor. Combine ultrawide with a curved screen to create more overview. An extra wide, curved computer screen is also ideal for graphic design. Especially in combination with a high resolution. With a 1440p or 2160p UHD resolution, you see more details in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere. You can also choose a dual setup. This includes 2 screens next to each other, which provides more overview and higher efficiency. Are you the proud owner of an Apple MacBook Air or Macbook Pro, but want a bit more screen space than your laptop screen? Choose a monitor for MacBook. Order a monitor today, and you'll be able to start working on your new addition tomorrow.

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Our choice for a 24-inch monitor for your home office | 23,8 inches | Full HD (1080p) | Refresh rate 75 Hz
Save 49,- 208,- 159,-
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for a high-end 34-inch monitor | 34 inches | Quad HD (1440p) | Refresh rate 100 Hz
Save 80,- 579,- 499,-
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for an ultra-wide gaming monitor | 49 inches | WQHD+ | Refresh rate 120 Hz
Save 110,- 1.109,- 999,-
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for a monitor with USB-C for your MacBook or iMac | 32 inches | 4K (UHD) | Refresh rate 60 Hz
Delivered tomorrow
Our choice for a monitor with USB-C connector | 27 inches | 4K (UHD) | Refresh rate 60 Hz
Save 50,- 399,- 349,-
Delivered tomorrow

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  • Iiyama

Our choice for a high-end 27-inch gaming monitor | 27 inches | Quad HD (1440p) | Refresh rate 165 Hz
Save 30,-