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The differences between smartwatches, analog watches, and hybrid watches

You are looking for something new for your wrist. Are you looking for a watch with smart functions? Or is a beautiful piece of jewelery with which you finish your outfit and on which you read the time enough? In this article I will discuss the differences between analogue watches, hybrid watches and smartwatches, so that you will make a well-informed decision.


What is an analog watch?

An analog watch has no smart features, but does make your outfit. You use these watches to read the time and in some cases the date. Analog watches have a classic dial with hands. Most watches have a quartz movement, in it is a piece of quartz crystal processed that together with the batteries drive the watch. Choose a watch with an interchangeable watch band to change the style of your watch.

What's a hybrid watch?

A hybrid watch sits between an analog watch and a smartwatch. Hybrid watches, like analog watches, have a traditional dial with hands. The big difference is that you connect a hybrid watch to your smartphone via bluetooth. Do you receive a message, are you being called or are you receiving a notification on your phone? Then a hybrid watch will inform you by means of a vibration, light or staggered hands. Many hybrids also count your steps, calorie consumption and measure your sleep. You can view this information in the corresponding app on your phone.

What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatches differ from analog or hybrid watches because they have a digital screen. You use them mainly as an extension of your smartphone. For example, it is possible to call via a smartwatch and receive and send messages. In addition, you install handy apps on your smartwatch, such as MyFitnessPal, Shazam or Whatsapp. You also use smartwatches just as well in the office as in the gym. Many watches have a heart rate and / or GPS sensor. This gives you more insight into your fitness, distance and speed.


Do you remain faithful to a traditional watch and is the time reading for you enough? Then choose a nice analog watch to decorate your wrist. Do you want a classic watch without a digital screen, but to some extent smartphone connectivity? Then a hybrid watch is a good choice. Choose a smartwatch when you're looking for a watch that you use as an extension of your smartphone.

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