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The difference between portable air conditioners and split air conditioners

During the summer, it's usually hot in the house. That's why you're looking for an air conditioner. Will you choose a fixed cooling element, or rather a portable version? Together, we'll go looking for the best air conditioner system for you. How? By comparing the differences between portable air conditioners and split air conditioners.

In short

Portable air conditioner Split air conditioners
Do I have to install the air conditioner myself? No Yes
Will the air conditioner have a permanent spot in the house? No Yes
Will the air conditioner be ready for use immediately upon coming in? Yes No
Is the air conditioner suitable for cooling large spaces? No Yes
Does the air conditioner have high efficiency? No Yes
Can I place the air conditioner in any desired room I need to cool? Yes No

The differences

portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioner

As the name says: mobile air conditioners are mobile and therefore movable. For example, a mobile air conditioning system provides cooling in the living room during the day and cooling in the bedroom or baby room during the night. Ideal. The only thing you need is a window that can be opened. Every mobile air conditioner has a drain hose that you take out with a window kit. This ensures that the efficiency is much lower as warm air enters the window's opening.

Features of a mobile aircon:

  • Can be used immediately upon arrival.
  • Movable to every room.
  • Cools and dehumidifies.
  • Energy consumption is relatively low.
  • The capacity is generally lower compared to a split airco.
split air conditioning

Split air conditioners

Split unit air conditioners always consist of 2 elements: an indoor and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is mounted on the façade and therefore has a fixed location. This also applies to the indoor unit, but of course indoors. Once the split air conditioner is installed, it has a high efficiency, which means you can cool a room quickly with a low energy consumption. Windows and doors are kept closed and the temperature is reduced by 10 degrees Celsius in no time. Since moisture is also extracted from space, the clammy feeling also quickly disappears.

Features of a split airco:

  • Installation is required.
  • Fixed element in the house.
  • Cools, dehumidifies, ventilates and heats.
  • Energy consumption is relatively low.
  • The capacity is high compared to a mobile air conditioning system.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing an air conditioner?

  • ** Energy consumption ** | Mobile air conditioners and split air-conditioning systems use more energy than, for example, a fan. Do you choose an air conditioning? Then choose an air conditioning with minimum energy label A +.
  • ** Cooling capacity ** | The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is indicated in number of BTU (Britsh Thermal unit). The higher the BTU, the larger the room can be for cooling.
  • ** The room ** | On the basis of the size of the room, you make a choice for a mobile air conditioning or split air conditioning. The number of BTU, as described above, helps you in the selection process.
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