Advice on air conditioners

An air conditioner creates a comfortable climate in the house. Will you choose a portable air conditioner or a split air conditioner? Various factors such as whether you'd like to install it yourself or not, the space, and the properties of each type of air conditioner mean one version will suit you better than the other. On this page, you'll find all the information you need to find the air conditioner that's best for you.

Portable air conditioners

Thanks to a portable air conditioner's mobility, you can use it in any space you seek to cool at a given moment. The pages below will give you all the information on mobile air conditioners and what exactly is the difference between portable air conditioners, air coolers, and split air conditioners.

Split air conditioners

A split air conditioner is a fixed element in your house. Determine the space where you want to place the split air conditioner or have it placed. The pages below will give you all the information on split air conditioners, what the difference is between portable air conditioners and split air conditioners, their installation, and maintenance.

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