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How do you choose a door lock?

Buying a new door lock to replace your current lock isn't all that easy. Particularly if you're looking at smart locks. Do you know what type of lock you currently have? Which smart lock is suitable for it? Did you also think about how you would like to open the smart lock? On this page, we'll gladly help you make the best choice for your new (smart) door lock.

Choosing a door lock

Choosing a door lock

If you're going to replace your door lock, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Each door lock has its own set of features, but the lock needs to fit the front door. Before choosing a lock, at least think about the follow things:

  • Which type of door lock are you replacing?
  • How do you want to install the lock?
  • How do you want to open the front door?
  • What are you going to use the door lock for?

Which type of door lock are you replacing?

Type door lock replace

Not every door has the same type of lock. There are 3 different lock types: the cylinder lock, the support lock, and the three-point lock. A smart door lock can only be placed on a cylinder lock. This is the most common type, which consists of a cylinder and a casing. A support lock has a large lock case on the inside and is often used in apartments. A three-point lock closes the door at 3 different points: at the top and bottom and at the door handle.

How do you want to install the lock?

Door lock installation

There are 2 ways to install a smart door lock. You can place it on your existing door lock or replace the cylinder. A smart door lock that fits on the existing lock won't result in extra demolition work. You insert your existing key into the lock and place the casing of the door lock over the key. If you have to replace the cylinder, you first need to check the cylinder size of your door. If this doesn't match, more work is required.

How do you want to open the front door?

Door lock with remote control

There are several ways to open a smart lock. You can open certain smart door locks with an app, remote, finger scan, unique PIN code, or tag. In some cases, you can make a wireless connection with the lock via WiFi or Bluetooth. This often requires a bridge, which receives the signal and converts it. Decide which method you prefer so you can choose a door lock with the right options.

What are you going to use the door lock for?

Use smart door lock

If it's just for you and your roommates, choose a door lock that can be opened by several people. For example by using a phone, tag, or a code. Are you using a door lock for your grandmother's home care? Choose a lock with WiFi, so you can decide to open the door remotely. Are you renting out your home via Airbnb? If so, it's useful to give visitors temporary access with their own code. After the rental period, the code expires and guests no longer have access.

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