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How do you choose a smart doorbell?

Via a smart doorbell, you can be in direct contact with your visitor and see him or her at the door. This works with a smartphone app, so you can also have contact with visitors when you're not at home. When you choose a WiFi doorbell, you have different options. We'll tell you what the options are in this article.

Choose smart doorbell

Choose smart doorbell

When you search for the best smart doorbell for your situation, there are several aspects that you should pay attention to. In any case, ask yourself the following:* Do you use a wireless or wired internet connection?* Do you want to store footage in the cloud?* Do you want to hear a sound signal at home?* Do you want to see what happens at the front door in the dark?* Are you going to install the doorbell yourself?

Do you use a wireless or wired internet connection?

Internet connection doorbell

A smart doorbell needs the internet. Your doorbell can be connected via a network cable or WiFi. A wired network connection is more stable than a wireless connection. You'll need to extend an internet cable to the door post of your front door. A wireless connection to the doorbell takes less effort, but a good WiFi reception is necessary. If the WiFi reception at your front door isn't good enough, you can improve it, for example, with a powerline adapter in the hall. You can easily test the connection at the front door:

Do you want to store footage in the cloud?

Visual material in the cloud

A smart doorbell takes live photos or videos of the visitors in front of your door, which you can see in the app. Many smart doorbells have an internal memory to store the footage. Because this internal memory isn't large, you need a cloud subscription for extra storage capacity. You have to pay monthly or annual subscription fees for this. The advantage of a subscription is that you can review and save the images of your doorbell at any desired moment.

Do you also want to hear a sound signal in the house?

Extra home recipients

With a smart doorbell, your smartphone is the standard receiver. When someone rings the bell, you'll receive a notification via the app. You won't hear an audio signal when you're at home and your phone is not at hand. That's why it's useful to expand the doorbell with a wireless receiver. This goes into an outlet in a central place in the house and makes a sound when someone rings the bell. Just like a standard doorbell. Not every smart doorbell can be connected to a wireless receiver.

Do you want to see what happens at the front door in the dark?

night mode and motion detector

Naturally you also want to see who is at the door in the dark. That is why all smart doorbells have a night vision. The camera uses infrared light to film who is at your door. The image on your smartphone is in black and white and less clear than during the day. In addition to night vision, smart doorbells often have a motion detector. As a result, you'll receive a notification via the app during motion detection, even when it is dark outside.

Are you going to install the doorbell yourself?

Installation of smart doorbells

Installing a doorbell isn't always easy. In many cases, technical knowledge is required for the bell to function properly. If you prefer not to install the doorbell yourself, choose a doorbell including installation. These doorbells are installed at your home by a Coolblue technician, at a time chosen by you. This way, you can be sure that everything works properly. You can select the installation service on the product page.

Note: the installation service isn't available in Belgium and certain parts of the Netherlands.

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