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5 reasons to expand your current camera equipment

You enjoy spending time using your camera, even though the novelty of it has worn off a bit. Need inspiration? In this article, we'll give you 5 reasons to expand your current camera equipment.

1. More range

Larger zoom range and wide angle

A relatively simple way of breathing new life into your photography hobby is purchasing an extra lens. You can take perfectly fine photos with a kit lens, especially when you're just getting started. At some point, though, you'll want more. More zoom, because 18-55mm only gives you a limited range. A wider angle, so you can fit more into your image. More light intensity, because you want to take photos in a low-light environment.

2. More filter options

More filters

Want to upload truly high-quality photos on Instagram? In that case, you should use a system camera. The filters on these cameras are much better than the standard filters Instagram offers you. In terms of size, this type of camera is comparable to a compact camera. In its use, it might remind you of an SLR camera. Especially the possibility of using various lenses makes the camera interesting to a broad target audience.

3. A wider choice of bags

Camera bags in various shapes and sizes

Has your SLR camera not seen daylight for months, because the 'oh-so-practical SLR camera bag' usually doesn't match your choice of clothes? Nowadays there are many camera bags available – in various shapes and sizes – that are indistinguishable from regular ones. You can carry them over your shoulder or on your back. Although you can't tell from the outside that they're camera bags, the inside is completely configured for your hobby, and can be arranged according to your own wishes.

4. More stability

Tripods offer stability

When buying your camera equipment, a tripod might not immediately have been at the top of your list. Yet, a tripod can be very helpful for taking better photos. Movement is often 1 of the most important reasons why a photo fails. If you want to use your system or action camera to shoot stable video free of shock, choose a gimbal. Its axes, which rotate 360 degrees, will catch any unexpected movement.

5. More freedom of movement

Sporty outdoor camera offers freedom of movement

Enjoy diving, snorkeling, or other water sports? You'll probably want to share all the beauty you find in and on the water with the rest of the world. In cases like that, it's useful to carry a sporty outdoor camera in addition to your regular SLR camera. Waterproof and shockproof compact and action cameras are excellent for adventures in and around the water.

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