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Gaming on a 4K monitor

Are you a gamer who likes a lot of visual spectacle, then you obviously want to play games in 4K resolution. You depend on the graphical horsepower of your PC or console. But why would you go for a 4K monitor instead of a Full HD screen? I tell you the graphical advantages of gaming on a 4K monitor, and what you pay more attention to purchasing.

Graphical benefits

More detail and sharpness

A 4K resolution monitor is made up of 4 times more pixels than a Full HD screen. Moreover, pixels on a 4K screen are often closer together. As a result, details in the game world, such as clothing, faces and texture differences in materials are clearly visible.

More space in the game world

On a 4K screen you have a broader view of the game world. As a result, you mainly see on the left and right side of the image more in-game objects that you did not see before, such as enemies, locations and the landscape where your game character is located. Because of this broad field of view, this fits better with the field of vision of your eyes, making a game more realistic and more intense.

Better gaming experience

Less serrated edges (anti aliasing)

On a screen with 4K resolution, in-game objects and models have more pixels of space to fill with details. If you set the anti-aliasing high, then knurled edges are much less visible than on Full HD screens. As a result, edges are flowing and this ensures a better gaming experience.

Prepared for upgrades of your PC

If you have a video card that easily displays graphically intensive games in Full HD resolution, it may still have problems with 4K. A 4K monitor also supports intermediate resolutions such as 1440p. So you enjoy a sharper picture on a 4K screen than Full HD, without your graphic card being overloaded. That is not possible with a Full HD screen, then you are bound to the maximum resolution of 1080p.

Also suitable for consoles

A 4K monitor is not just reserved for PC gamers. Do you have a PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X? These consoles have been specially developed and upgraded to show your games in 4K. Also the Xbox One S upscallet Full HD image signal to 4K resolution. If you like to sit closer to your screen or want to use a monitor for other devices such as computers, a 4K monitor is suitable. You benefit from the same graphic advantages as a 4K television. Note that you use an HDMI 2.0 cable to play games in 4K at 60 fps.

What else to keep in mind?

** Monitor specifications ** \ nFor games, not only the resolution is important. You want a monitor that ensures smooth images without stuttering, tearing or ghosting. In both quiet parts and hectic gameplay with lots of animations, your image stays smooth and flowing. Therefore, note the following features: \ n * FreeSync or G-Sync, \ n * 1-5ms response time, \ n * More than 60Hz, \ n * Panel type: VA.

Graphics card specifications

To play in 4K you need a powerful video card. So make sure that your graphics card has the following minimum specifications:

  • GeForce GTX 1080 (Ti) or better.

Video cable specifications

Finally, you need a video cable that has enough bandwidth to send a 4K signal to your monitor. Therefore, make sure that your video cable has one of the following minimum specifications.

  • HDMI version 1.4 or higher.
  • DisplayPort version 1.2 or higher.
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