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Installing an HP printer: step-by-step plan and tips

You purchased a new HP printer and can't wait to use it. You'll first have to install the printer with the HP printer software. Put the user manual aside, because we'll explain how to install your HP printer, how to connect a WiFi printer to the network, and how to install the correct HP printer drivers.

In short

What are you going to do? Installing and connecting your HP printer
Which printer is this explanation suitable for? All HP printers
What do you need? Your printer, a PC or laptop, and a printer cable if you have a printer without WiFi.
How long does it take? 10-15 minutes

Prepare the HP printer

Before you begin installing your HP printer, your printer must be unpacked, connected, and free of any protective material. You can do this as follows:

  1. Unpack your HP printer and remove all tape and protective material from the inside and outside of the printer. Check the manual to be sure you don't miss any material.
  2. Plug in the power cord to power the printer. Turn the printer on and choose the correct language on the screen.
  3. Open the lid at the front of your printer. Wait until the cartridge holder appears and place the cartridges. Make sure you click them properly.
  4. Place a stack of paper. Please note you have to press the paper between 2 plastic sliders that you push inwards.

Step 1: Connect your printer to WiFi manually

Settings HP Envy photo 6234

Use the navigation keys on your printer to go to 'Settings' and then 'WiFi Settings'. Select the WiFi setup wizard and choose the correct network. Enter the password and press the OK button. Connecting your printer can take up to a minute. You can also choose to connect the printer to WiFi later in the installation process via the downloaded software. Do you want to connect the printer wired? Connect a printer cable.

Step 2: Download the software

Download software for HP printer

You've connected your printer. Now, we'll ensure that your computer can control the printer. We'll install the EasyStart software from HP. Go to '123.hp.com' in your browser and enter the product name of your printer, such as 'ENVY 4520' or click on the link 'my device is not in the list'. Do you have a LaserJet or PageWide printer? Click on the download link under 'LaserJets or PageWides'.

Stap 3: Open HP Easystart

HP Easystart

Open the HP EasyStart file you've just downloaded from your download folder. If you have a printer that is compatible with HP Instant Ink, the program will ask you if you want to use your trial period. Enter your personal details to use one. Don't want a trial period or do you already have an Instant Ink subscription? Proceed to the next step. Do you want to know more about HP Instant Ink?

Step 4: Choose which software you want to download

Choose software and drivers

EasyStart will then ask you which software you want to install. Choose the option 'Full software and drivers' if you want additional software to solve problems in addition to the basic driver. Choose 'Basic drivers' if you only want the driver and you don't need any other functionalities.

Step 5: Install the software

Install software for HP Envy 6234

Your drivers are now installed on your computer. This can take a while, so feel free to grab a cup of coffee and put your feet on the desk. If you haven't connected the printer to WiFi, then look up your WiFi code. After this step, the computer will connect to your printer.

Step 6: Connect your printer

Connect your WiFi printer

When the installation is complete, follow the instructions on the screen. The software will ask you how you want to connect the device to your computer. We recommend choosing automatic installation here. Next, choose whether you want to connect the printer wirelessly or via WiFi. If you have already installed the WiFi, your printer will now connect automatically. Is your printer not connected via WiFi? Connect it via your laptop.

Step 7: Install the printer

Installing an HP printer

When your printer is connected to WiFi, select the correct printer model. Your computer will now connect to to the printer. It will be installed in a few minutes and your printer will be ready for use.

Is the printer still not working? View our support page: "How do I resolve an error code from my HP printer?"

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