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How do you choose the right sports earbuds?

When choosing earbuds for your workouts, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Not all earbuds are suitable for exercise. In this article, you can read more about what you should consider and what kind of useful functions sports earbuds have.

Choosing sports earbuds

Sports earbuds

There are many different sports earbuds, making it difficult to choose the right ones. Ask yourself the following questions in your search:

  • Do you want water-resistant or waterproof earbuds?
  • How do you want to wear them?
  • Do you want to listen wirelessly or completely wirelessly?
  • Do you want an app with an activity tracker?
  • Do you want to hear more of your surroundings during exercise?

Do you want water-resistant or waterproof earbuds?

Sweat- and weather-resistant or completely waterproof

You can basically exercise with any type of earbuds, but if the earbuds aren't water resistant or waterproof, there's a bigger risk of water damage. If you're looking for sports earbuds, they should at least be water resistant. That way, they won't be damaged by your sweat after an intense workout. How resistant earbuds are to water is based on an IP certification. Such a certification consists of 2 numbers, the second of which stands for water resistance. The higher the number, the more water-resistant the earbuds are. For sports earbuds, you want at least an IPX4 certification.

How do you want to wear the earbuds?

Freedom of movement: leave the house with or without a telephone

For sports earbuds, it's important that they stay in your ears. Almost all earbuds go into your ears, but it's important to have something around it as well. Ear hooks or ear clips, for example, ensure that the earbuds don't fall out of your ears too easily. An ear hook goes over your ears, making them more secure around your ears. An ear clip goes into your auricle, making the earbuds more secure in your ears. Do you want to improve the wearing comfort even more? Look for foam earbuds. These earbuds are even more secure and comfortable in your ears, which makes them ideal for exercising.

Do you want to listen with or without a wire?

Remote sports earbuds

When you're working out, there's nothing more annoying than a wire running along your body. That's why we always recommend getting wireless earbuds. You can choose from 2 different wireless earbuds, with or without a wire in your neck. The fully wireless earbuds are usually more expensive than those with a wire in your neck. The advantage of a wire in your neck is that the music is easier to operate via the cable. For some people, the cable in the neck can be annoying, which is not a problem with fully wireless earbuds.

Do you want an activity tracker?

Useful sports apps

Do you want to take your sports performance to a higher level? Then look for earbuds with an activity tracker. This allows the earbuds to monitor your performance, letting you adjust your goals even better and faster. This tracker also keeps track of your heart rate and other things. These types of earbuds always have an app where you can easily view all the information.

Do you want to hear your surroundings well?

Ambient Sound

There are all kinds of extra functions that make your sports earbuds more attractive. For example, if you exercise outside a lot, but you're afraid that you won't hear anything of your surroundings, you should choose a model with Ambient Sound. This technology enhances ambient noise, allowing you to exercise outdoors without any worries.

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