Advice on earbuds

Choosing the perfect earbuds doesn't have to be difficult. As soon as you know for what purpose you want to use the buds, you're already halfway there. Think of sports, travel, or use at home and on the go. You'll then learn more about the specifications that make the earbuds suitable for your purpose. This way, you can easily choose the best ones for you. We'll help you along on this page.

Help with your decision

Help with your decision: at home, on the go, and sports

In these articles, we'll explain what to consider when choosing earbuds. We'll highlight the most important usage situations and explain the relevant specifications. Finally, we'll focus on the most important technologies.

Fully wireless earbuds

With fully wireless earbuds, you can wirelessly stream music and enjoy freedom of movement. After reading these articles, you can easily choose the best ones for you.

Expert reviews: earbuds for on the go

Expert review earbuds for on the go

Our experts give their honest opinion on earbuds. Not sure whether a certain model is right for you? Check if our expert's tested the product.

Expert reviews: earbuds for exercising

Expert review sports earbuds

Do you have sports earbuds in mind, but do you want more information before you buy them? We've tested popular models and will share our experiences with you.

Expert reviews: earbuds with noise cancellation

Expert reviews noise-canceling earbuds

If you like to listen to music undisturbed, opt for earbuds with active noise canceling. Our experts take a critical look at the earbuds and test the noise canceling. You can read more here.

Help with use

Localisation Apple AirPods

To get the most out of your recently bought earbuds, we've written a number of articles with useful tips. Read them to make your earbuds even easier to use.

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