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What is the suction quality of a stick vacuum?

Good suction quality makes sure you don't have to keep vacuuming the same part of the floor before it's truly clean. The better the suction quality, the sooner you're done vacuuming. We make a distinction between the suction quality of 3 types of vacuums: bagged vacuums, bagless vacuums, and stick vacuums. This article will tell you all about it.

In short - Bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums

Bagged vacuums
  • Performance class on hard flooring: the higher this class, the better the performance on hard flooring.
  • Performance class on carpeting: the higher this class, the better the performance on carpet.
  • Capacity of collection bag/bin: the more space in the dust bag/dust cup, the longer the vacuum retains its suction power.
  • Adjustable suction power: adjust the suction power to the type of surface.
  • Multi-surface brush: for hard flooring and low-pile carpet.
  • Parquet brush: especially for vulnerable wood flooring
  • Turbo brush: for pet hairs, carpet, and coarse rugs.
  • Type of cyclone filter: only for bagless vacuums. The better the cyclone filter, the longer the vacuum retains its suction power.

in short - Stick vacuums

Stick vacuums
  • Capacity container: the more space in the dust cup, the longer the vacuum cleaner maintains the suction power.
  • Maximum battery life: the longer you vacuum with the vacuum cleaner, the more you suck up in 1 go.
  • Battery voltage: the higher the battery voltage, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner absorbs the dirt.
  • Turbo function: Coarse dirt comes better from carpets or rugs with a turbo function.
  • Type cyclone filter: the better the cyclone filter, the longer the vacuum cleaner maintains the suction power when the dust container becomes full.

Top-notch, mid-range, and basic

Top-notch suction quality

Top-notch suction quality

You buy a top-notch vacuum when you want to have great suction performance. A vacuum with top-notch suction performance has at least 70% of the abovementioned specifications. These vacuums distinguish themselves from the rest with their multiple brushes for every floor type and their high performance classes. The bagless vacuums are also equipped with a powerful cyclone filter that makes sure the suction power doesn't decrease as the dust cup fills up.

Top-notch stick vacuums distinguish themselves from the rest with a turbo function, a high battery voltage, or a mini turbo brush.

Mid-range suction quality

Mid-range suction quality

Vacuums with mid-range suction quality have at least 50% of the specifications. These don't always have all of the possible brushes, but they do have high performance classes or, for example, cyclone filters. With a mid-range vacuum, you have a good vacuum at your disposal for your daily vacuuming needs, but you may have to vacuum some surfaces multiple times to achieve the desired results.

Mid-range stick vacuums don't have a turbo function, but they do have a large collection capacity and a relatively high battery voltage.

Basic suction quality

Basic suction quality

Vacuums with basic suction quality are equipped with less than 50% of the specifications. They don't score too high on the performance classes, aren't equipped with cyclone filters or have small dust collectors. While the suction performance of these vacuums may be lower, the prices are too. If you don't use the vacuum very often, basic vacuums are more than enough for you.

Basic stick vacuums are stick vacuums that you use 'on the side'. These have only 1 suction mode and not too many brush attachments. These stick vacuums are perfect for small vacuuming jobs.

Floor types

Different floor types and a vacuum

The suction quality of vacuums depends on the floor type. To prevent this from becoming more complicated than it already is, we chose to distinguish between hard/wood flooring and carpet.


Do you think it's important for your vacuum or stick vacuum to remove dirt after only a few movements? Opt for a product with at least mid-range suction quality. If you want a vacuum that performs best on multiple floor types, take a look at vacuums with top-notch suction quality. If you only use the vacuum or stick vacuum every once in a while for small vacuuming jobs, basic suction quality will do the trick for you.

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