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Tips for taking the best product photo

Product photography is a skill on its own. You shoot photos of products that you want to capture as clearly or as attractively as possible for your own webshop, for example. You can read how to best apply product photography in this article. With these 6 tips, you'll ensure that you create a professional looking website with your product photos.

Tip 1: use a camera with a large image sensor

Large image sensor

You want your product photos to be of a good quality. To achieve this, you need a camera with a large image sensor, preferably APS-C format. Such cameras provide detailed images. With a camera that you can set up manually, you have the most control over the exposure. With this, you can independently create the desired result. An advanced compact or system camera and all SLR cameras often meet these requirements.

Tip 2: make sure you have the correct camera settings

Camera settings

In a product photo, everything in the image is often sharp. You can achieve this effect with a small aperture, or a large aperture number (f). You can keep the ISO value low, so that there's no noise in the photo. To prevent underexposure, make sure that the shutter is open a little longer. Try to avoid too slow a shutter speed due to motion blur. You can also solve this last problem by using a tripod.

Tip 3: prevent drop shadow with good exposure

Good lighting

Good exposure is perhaps what's most important in product photography. Naturally, you prefer to prevent drop shadow in the photo. You can do this by applying an even exposure during shooting. Therefore, use (studio) lamps that illuminate the product from 2 sides. Preferably turn the flash off, you'll only create more shadows with this. In many cases, daylight provides a nice, even and soft lighting. You also achieve this effect with a soft box around the lamp.

Tip 4: use a suitable background

Suitable background

The type of background that you need to use depends on the type of product photos that you're going to take. If you shoot product photos for a webshop, you should use a uniform background. There are backgrounds available in white, green, gray, and black. With this, you can easily cut the subject from the photo in the post-processing. If you opt for atmospheric product photos, you use a background that matches the product. Think of specific colors or materials such as wood and marble.

Tip 5: always place the product in the foreground

Product in the foreground

A good composition makes a photo more exciting. With product photography, you don't have to pay attention to the composition, unless you use props. Make sure that the attention is always on the product and not on the extras that you have added. You can do this, for example, by placing the product in the foreground. If you're working without attributes, make sure that the product fits within the frame and that you photograph the product from all sides.

Tip 6: use a recording tent for more convenience

Light tent

If you only want to work with an even background and uniform lighting, a shooting tent is very useful. You can take a good product photo in no time. A recording tent can be set up quickly. Most recording tents come with properly adjusted lights and different color backgrounds. This makes this mini studio very suitable for the product photographer who often takes webshop photos. Shooting tents are available for products of different sizes.

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