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What to do against shaving irritation?

Have you done everything to prevent razor burn, but do you still suffer from red bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving? Don't panic, because razor burn can be treated at home. It's important that you keep the skin clean and keep hydrating. But there is more you can do.

Step 1

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Stop shaving

If you walk around with shaving irritation, the most important thing is that you stop shaving the irritated area. Your skin needs rest to heal and does not do so if you continue to burden her. Give your skin this peace and let the shaver or razor lie. If you do not do this, just make it worse

Wash your face with lukewarm water

Give your skin a rest

Shaving irritation is a collection of ingrown beard hairs. Now your skin eventually heals itself, but you help your skin to exfoliate by hand. With a scrub cream, for example. You rub away old skin flakes in the upper layer of the skin, exposing ingrown hairs. If this does not work, use tweezers. Do the latter only in the worst case, because it requires precision to fully pluck a hair. A half-picked hair will re-ignite.

Step 2

Take care of your skin

Take care of your skin

The faster your skin calms, the faster it heals. You soothe your skin by providing it with sufficient hydration. And you do that with a moisturizing cream, lotion or aftershave. When choosing such a product, pay attention to whether the product does not contain alcohol. Alcohol causes a burning sensation and only further irritates the irritated skin.

Do not try to scratch

Do not try to scratch

An irritated skin itches. Itching is a side effect of a skin that is healing. That is so beautiful, but no less annoying. Yet it is very important that you do not scratch too much. With crabs you spread bacteria and shaved razor bumps. Are you still scratching? Take a look at skin care with lidocaine. This stops itching.

3. Other solutions

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Sometimes, despite the fact that you take all precautionary measures and apply all treatment methods, you continue to suffer from shaving irritation. Some skin types react just overly hypersensitive. If this is the case, there are possibilities to permanently rid your skin of irritation by means of a laser treatment. A dermatologist can inform you about this.

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