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Help, my washing machine isn't draining the water.

There's an error code on your washing machine's display, or it suddenly keeps spinning for a long time with water in the drum. If your washing machine stops draining water, it can be caused by 1 of 3 things: the filter's clogged, the drain's clogged, or the drain pump's broken. In many cases, you can solve the problem yourself. Read how to do that here.

Step 1. Remove the connector from the socket

Removing the connector from the socket

If your washing machine doesn't drain water, start by cleaning the filter. Place a towel on the floor underneath the washing machine to catch any water that's released. Next, remove the connector from the socket so the washing machine no longer receives power.

Step 2. Clean the filter

Washing machine filter

The filter's usually located on the bottom right behind a hatch. Remove the filter by turning it or pulling the handle. Next, remove any objects from the opening and clean the filter with some soapy water. Put the filter back in its place and close the hatch. Put the connector back in the socket and choose the 'drain' cycle. Are you getting another error message or is your washing machine still not draining water? Then the next step is to check for blockages in the drain.

Step 3. Unblock the drain

Unblocking the siphon

If cleaning the filter doesn't solve the problem, the drain is probably clogged. The drain could be clogged in various places. Make sure to check whether the sink and the nearest toilet do drain water first. No? Then you should consult a plumber, since the problem's most likely located further down the pipes. If the toilet and sink do drain the water, you need to check if there's a kink in the drain hose. Don't see any unusual kinks or bends in the drain hose? Then read the next article.

Step 4. Contact the seller

Customer service employee Coolblue

The last possible cause is a defective drain pump. Put the connector into the socket and select the 'drain' cycle. Listen whether you can hear the drain pump working. Do you hear it, but it's not draining water? Then the pump's inlet is clogged, so check the filter again. If you don't hear the pump working, it's either not receiving power or it's broken. Contact the seller or the manufacturer. If your old washing machine no longer worth the effort or the investment?

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