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How do I stack my dryer on my washing machine?

To safely place your dryer on your washing machine, you need a stacking kit, which holds the devices securely together. You don't have to worry that the dryer will fall off the washing machine. In this article, you can find out how to install an stacking kit step by step.

What do I need?

Stacking kit with packaging material

To put your dryer on your washing machine, you need the following:* A universal stacking kit with all parts in the box.* A spirit level.* Someone to help you.

Step 1: level

Spirit level

First, put the washing machine in the right place and make sure you have enough room to stack the appliances. Then, level the washing machine. This prevents your washing and drying set from being skewed and making noise. Place the spirit level on the top of the washing machine. You can level the washing machine by turning the adjustable feet in or out. Is the bubble of the spirit level exactly between the 2 lines? Tighten the gears on the washing machine.

Step 2: attach anti-slip strips

As soon as the washing machine is level, prepare the stacking kit for placement. Turn the stacking kit upside down and remove all parts from the package. First, attach the 4 white plastic strips to each corner of the casing. Next, attach the 4 black anti-slip parts. Turn the stacking so the smooth side faces up. Put it on the middle of the washing machine.

Step 3: roll out the fastening strap

Now take the fastening strap and roll it out completely. Make sure that the belt tensioner lever points outwards. Insert the strap through the middle slot on the right side of the staking kit, from top to bottom. Pull the strap under the washing machine and keep the strap straight and centered. Next, pull the strap through the middle slot on the other side of the staking kit, from bottom to top. Let the belt hang temporarily.

Step 4: place the dryer

Dryer on washing machine

Does the dryer have 4 feet in all the corners? The dryer is stable enough and you don't have to place anti-slip strips. You can place the dryer directly in the middle of the stacking kit. Pay attention. What if the dryer doesn't have 4 feet in the corners? Unscrew all 4 and stick the 4 black anti-slip strips in the corners of the stacking kit. Next, lift the dryer in the middle on the stacking kit. It is useful if someone helps you with this.

Step 5: use the belt tensioner

Belt tensioner stacking kit

Now that the dryer is on the washing machine, use the belt tensioner. First, take the fastening strap on the left side of your washing and drying set. This is now still loose. Pull the belt over the washer and dryer and pull it through the middle slot of the belt tensioner. You can tension the belt by moving the lever of the belt tensioner up and down. Do this until the belt is completely tight. For extra protection, attach the white plastic cover to the belt tensioner.

Installation by Coolblue

Dryer on washing machine

Don't feel like doing this yourself? No worries. If you buy a stacking kit and a washing machine or dryer, you can let Coolblue take care of things. If you select the installation service, our delivery drivers will assemble the machines.

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