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The best lifestyle TV

Do you find it important how a television looks in your living room? If so, check out a lifestyle TV. Thanks to their unique design, functions or accessories, these TVs blend seamlessly into your interior. On this page I have collected the best lifestyle TVs.

Samsung The Frame: like a painting on the wall

4K (UHD), 49 inches | Smart TV: Tizen | 50Hz
no longer available

The Samsung The Frame is a flat TV that you hang tightly against the wall. In combination with the stylish frame, the device looks like a painting or photo frame. If you do not watch TV, you display an artwork or photo on the screen. There is no black surface on the wall, for example. To hide your cables, connect each device with the One Connect Box. You then connect this box to the TV via a transparent cable.


Perfect for you thanks to the design that looks like a painting and the high image quality through the QLED screen
Available in: 43 inches | 96.7cm wide and 55.7cm high (60cm high with base)
49 inches | 109.9cm wide and 63.1cm high (67.4cm high with base)
55 inches | 123.5cm wide and 70.8cm high (75.1cm high with base)
65 inches | 143.6cm wide and 83.1cm high (87.6cm high with base)

Samsung The Serif: real design TV

4K (UHD), 55-inch | Smart TV: Tizen | 50 Hz, Quantum Dot
in stock

The Samsung The Serif was designed by 2 well-known designers, the Bouroullec brothers. You can see this in the stylish appearance that blends into any modern interior. Place books or other accessories on the flat top and turn the TV into a multifunctional piece of furniture. In Ambient mode you view one of the available artworks, so that there is never a black screen in the room. Whatever you look at, the QLED screen allows you to enjoy clear and colorful images.


Perfect for you thanks to the stylish design of the Bouroullec brothers
Available in: 43 inches | 98.6cm wide and 59.7cm high (102.8cm high with base)
49 inches | 112cm wide and 67.2cm high (116.4cm high with base)
55 inches | 125.5cm wide and 74.8cm high (123.7cm high with base)
Available in colors: blue and white

Samsung QE55Q85R: no black screen in the room

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart TV: Tizen | 100 Hertz
in stock

Would you rather not have a black screen in your interior? In this case, the Ambient Mode of the Samsung QE55Q85R offers a handy solution. With this function you display colors, images or information as the time on the screen. If your wallpaper has a pattern, photograph it with the SmartThings app. In this way you fill the screen with exactly the same pattern. For an extra realistic effect, the patterns of the wall and the TV blend seamlessly.


Perfect for you thanks to the Ambient Mode with which the TV displays images, photos or information
Available in: 55 inches | 123.1cm wide and 70.8cm high (79.2cm high with base)
65 inches | 144.9cm wide and 83.1cm high (91.79cm high with base)
75 inches | 167.5cm wide and 96.1cm high (105.3cm high with stand)

Sony KD-55AG8: minimalistic design

4K (UHD), UHD premium | Smart tv: Android | 100Hz
temporarily sold out

Sony KD-55AG8 has a thin OLED screen and a subtle stand. This means you only see the screen when you are sitting in front of the TV. Extra special is the Acoustic Surface sound system, where the speakers are behind the TV. In this way it seems as if the sound comes directly from the screen. This ensures a realistic stereo reproduction.


Perfect for you thanks to the minimalist design and the sound that comes directly from the screen
Available in: 55 inches | 122.9cm wide and 72cm high (73cm high with stand)
65 inches | 145cm wide and 83.4cm high (85.4cm high with stand)

Philips 65OLED984: stylish stand and Ambilight

Thanks to its luxurious metal standard, the Philips 65OLED984 is a true lifestyle TV. This sleek OLED TV has Ambilight. Small lamps in the edge illuminate the wall behind the TV in the colors of the image. This looks special and has a calming effect on your eyes. You don't have to connect a separate speaker set to the TV, because it has a built-in Bowers & Wilkins soundbar.


Perfect for you thanks to The luxury stand and the Ambilight technology that illuminates the wall in the colors of the image
Available in: 65 inches | 144.87cm wide and 133.8cm high (76.31cm high with base)
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