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Expert review Apple iPhone X

I had high expectations of the borderless OLED screen of the Apple iPhone X. After a day of testing it at the office, those expectations were met: the screen is crystal clear and the colors are more vivid than ever. Navigating without a home button does take some getting used to.

Note: Apple iPhone X is no longer available

Due to the arrival of the Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr, the Apple iPhone X will no longer be made. The Apple iPhone X is no longer available.

Out of the box

iPhone X front and back

It's finally here: the Apple iPhone X. I've been looking forward to that large 5.8-inch OLED screen. The casing is made of steel and reinforced glass and complies with the IP67 standard. Thanks to the casing, I can charge the iPhone X wirelessly, if I have the right charger. It's easy to hold, and a bit more sturdy than the iPhone 8. That's good, but try not to drop it. In the packaging, I can also find the charger, the charging cable, and the earpods with lightning connection. A lightning-to-mini-jack adapter is in there as well, so I can use my own earbuds.

Bezel-less OLED screen

iPhone X bezels

As soon as I turn on the device, the brightness of the large screen stands out. This is the first iPhone with a super Retina OLED screen, and it's clear from the start. The image is crystal clear and the colors are more vivid than on my own iPhone (7), thanks to the True Tone display. The OLED technology is also energy-efficient, which is noticeable: after a whole day of swiping and pulling crazy faces with FaceID, I have 15% battery left. Yay!

Navigating without a home button

iPhone X navigation

The borderless OLED screen of the iPhone X covers the entire front, so there's no room for the home button. That takes some getting used to. I open the control panel by swiping down from the top right corner. Different than I'm used to, and it's quite difficult with one hand, especially while running to a meeting. Switching between apps - by swiping up and pressing the screen - takes some getting used to as well. Fortunately, I get the hang of it as the morning goes on.

FaceID facial recognition

iPhoneX facial recognition

I don't have to lift a finger to unlock my iPhone X; it has a TrueDepth front camera that measures the depth of my face. Its called facemapping. The iPhone X always recognizes my face. Bad lighting is not a problem, and I can also put on my glasses. This facial recognition technology allows you to send animoji. These are animated versions of the famous emojis that you can use in Whatsapp. Nice gimmick.

Double cameras

iPhone X camera

The front camera is also very useful: I can take beautiful pictures with it. I can add a depth of field effect in the portrait mode, and thanks to the portrait lighting my #selfie suddenly looks very professional. The dual 12-megapixel camera on the back only sticks out a millimeter. That does create very (very) sharp photos. Thanks to the dual camera, I can optically zoom without loss of quality, and the optical image stabilization compensates for slight movements when I film.


The OLED screen of the iPhone X lives up to expectations. It's crystal clear and the colors are lively. I do have to get used to navigating without a home button, but after a bit of practice it works out fine. I'm most excited by all the new options that the TrueDepth front camera provides. Unlocking the iPhone with FaceID is easy, and sending animojis is very addictive. A sturdy phone case seems like a necessity to me because of the glass casing. That way, I can continue pulling crazy faces without worry.

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