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What type of camera do I need for a long journey?

Soon you will fly to the other side of the world for the journey of your life. How you travel determines the type of baggage that you take with you. Do you opt for compact or do you go for comfort? A good camera can not be missing anyway. In this article you can read which camera best suits your trip.

Compact camera

A compact camera easily fits into a crowded backpack due to its small size. So you always have a camera with you during your trip without this extra luggage weight. Disabled, the lens of the camera is tucked away in the body, making the camera better against a knock. Compact cameras are very suitable for the inexperienced travel photographer because of the easy-to-use system. But advanced cameras are also available for the more creative travel photographer. You can adjust these devices completely to your liking.

Mirrorless camera

The mirrorless camera is for the traveler who wants to get more out of his camera but does not have much space in his luggage. Due to the lack of a mirror, a mirrorless camera is a lot more compact than an SLR camera. The device offers a lot of freedom because of the possibility to change the lens. This way you capture every unique environment during your journey in a creative way. In addition, many mirrorless cameras have an APS-C sensor with which you have a large photographic range.

SLR camera

SLR cameras are the largest of all camera types. Not very suitable for traveling would you think. Even for those who do not want to carry a complete camera bag while traveling, compact and lightweight SLRs are available. You often have these cameras too quickly under control. This way you can create creative travel photographs in no time. The advantage of SLR cameras is the wide range of different lenses. But that is not conducive to the baggage weight.

Action camera

For the active and adventurous traveler there is the action camera. These are compact cameras that can really take a beating. This allows you to take them with you, for example, while surfing or paragliding. An action camera is often waterproof, so that you take pictures underwater while diving. GoPro is the most sold action camera brand. These cameras are known for the quality images and the possibilities. For the smaller wallet there are also action cameras available with a good price / quality ratio.



Take a drone with you to record unique video footage during your vacation. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that you can use to make recordings from the air. With a drone, you can fly above locations that you can't reach yourself. Moreover, your video has a different perspective than when you would use an action camera or camcorder. Thanks to the 4K video quality, you can record detailed videos. Drones have obstacle detection that reduces the chance of collisions. As a result, you can also use it when you're a novice drone pilot.

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