Help with choosing a camera

You're looking for a new camera. The range of products is big, which makes you uncertain. To help you along, our experts share their knowledge with you. In these articles you can read more about the different aspects of photography and what to keep in mind when looking for your ideal camera. We've also listed tips you can use when taking up photography for the first time.

General advice

General camera advice

Need help choosing a camera? Or do you want to compare cameras? Here, you can find our general advice. This way, you can find the camera that suits you.

A compact camera

Compact camera

A compact camera is a versatile, compact all-rounder that's suitable for various situations. Compact cameras have various qualities and possibilities. Determine what compact camera suits you, based on the advice of our expert.

A system camera

Mirrorless camera

When it comes to size and weight, system cameras are close to compact cameras. The performance, though, is comparable to that of SLR cameras. That means, for many people, a system camera is the perfect compromise between size and quality. Read more about system camera.

An SLR camera

Single-lens reflex camera

An SLR camera is very versatile. Amateur photographers as well as professionals can use this camera for spectaculars results. Whatever model you choose, the camera will provide you with a lot of freedom. Read on to see if an SLR camera suits you.

Explanation of specifications

Explanation of camera specifications

A camera can do a lot of things and has all kinds of specifications. In addition to there being many of them, these specs can be quite complex. That's why we want to explain what they mean and what you can do with them.

Best cameras

Best camera

You need various types of cameras for various occasions. If you're skiing downhill, you'll need a different camera than when you're vlogging at home.

Canon expert reviews

Canon camera

Canon offers a wide range of compact, system, and SLR cameras. We've tested different Canon cameras for you and compared models to one another to help you choose the right one.

Nikon expert reviews

Nikon camera

Nikon offers a wide variety of different compact and SLR cameras. With our advice, in the shape of expert reviews and comparisons between cameras, we help point you in the right direction.

Sony expert reviews

Sony camera

Looking for a Sony compact, system or SLR camera, but don't know which one? Read our expert reviews and comparisons to find the answers to your questions.

Compare Canon cameras

Compare Canon cameras

Do you want to buy a Canon camera, but aren't sure which one yet? In the articles below, our experts compare Canon cameras. This way, you can find out which camera suits you best.

Compare Nikon cameras

Compare Nikon cameras

If you want to buy a Nikon camera, you will compare the different cameras. Our experts compared Nikon cameras to help you choose.

Compare Sony cameras

Compare Sony cameras

Are you planning on buying a Sony mirrorless camera? To help you make your choice, we compared Sony mirrorless cameras. You can read all about it in the articles below.

What else do you need?

Matching accessories

Other than advice on what camera suits you, our experts can give you advice on matching accessories. Read more about using a specific lens, camera bag, tripod, or other accessories for your camera.

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