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Tips for charging your smartphone

The battery is one of the most important parts of a smartphone. Of course you want to keep it in top condition for as long as possible. Are you wondering how to charge your device the best? Then read on quickly.

In short: do's and don'ts

What should and shouldn't you do when it comes to charging your smartphone's battery? A brief overview.


  • Charge your battery briefly several times a day instead of once.
  • Use the original charger.
  • Keep your battery level between 20 and 80%.


  • Leave it on the charger all night.
  • Use a charger intended for another device.
  • Charge up to 100%.

Myth: first completely empty, then 12 hours of charging

battery smartphone empty

This dates from the time before the smartphone. In the past, mobile phones had a nickel-cadmium battery. These batteries have a 'memory'. The longer the battery was charged the first time, the greater the memory and the better your battery lasted. Smartphones have a different type of battery: lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. These do not have such a memory. You can simply switch on and use the device immediately without having to charge it for a long time.

Myth: the charger is bad for your battery all night

battery indicator smartphone

Yes and no. Most chargers and smartphones automatically stop charging when the battery is 100% full. But there are also chargers that do not. Keep charging while the battery is full is not good. This will overload the battery. Unfortunately it is not really possible to find out when your charger or smartphone stop charging at a full battery. You should therefore assume that the manufacturer has thought about it. Apart from that, it is advisable not to charge your battery up to 100% at all.

Myth: short charging is bad for the battery

Short charging smartphone

This is not true. In fact, it is good for your battery. The lifespan of a modern battery is based on charging cycles. One cycle is if you have used 100% of your battery. It does not matter whether that is in 1 time, or for example 5 times 20%. In short, charging your battery from 70 to 80% is no problem at all. The lifespan remains the same.

Fact: often short charging is good for your battery

smartphone outside

Regular short charging times for your battery are better than 1 long charge. In theory, it is best to have your battery charged between 10 and 90%, and to charge your battery for a short while after you have used approx. 10%. Now this is of course almost not feasible in practice, but what it comes down to is that your battery will retain its capacity for the longest time if you do not completely drain it to 0% and if you charge it regularly short instead of once for a very long time, up to 100%.

Fact: up to 100% charging is not good for your battery

phone 100% charging is bad

Preferably you keep your battery percentage below 100%. If it is (for a long time) at 100%, then there is a lot of voltage on the battery. This generates a lot of heat and heat again and batteries do not go well together. If you still choose to charge your battery at night, for example, so that it stays at 100% for a longer period of time, remove it from the case when it is in it, and ensure a cool environment.

Fact: the original charger is always the best charger

OEM charger

The charger that's included with the device is tuned to the battery in your smartphone. This way, it always ensures the right voltage and the good charging speed. Of course, you can also use other chargers, but in the long run they're less battery friendly than the original charger.

Does your battery run out quickly despite these tips? We can install a new battery in almost all Apple, Samsung, and Huawei phones.


With the current batteries, you will not notice any misuse until after a few years. If you are someone who chooses a new phone every two years, the decrease in battery capacity will hardly be noticeable if you charge it in the wrong way. Are you someone who normally does longer with his smartphone than two years, then it is advisable to follow the above advice. You then enjoy your phone even longer.

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