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If you own a business, we'd like to offer you extra services. In addition to ordering via the website, B2B customers can also request quotes, order via purchase orders, and buy on account both online and offline. We can also advise you on products and services for business use.

New: the Coolblue Home Office Configurator

Working from home will become more and more important over the next few years. As an employer, you want to support your employees as much as possible. It's important to offer a good desk, ergonomic chair, monitor, and accessories like mouses and laptop stands, for example. Give your employees access to the Coolblue Home Office Store.

Our terms and services

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

If you order before 23:59 today, your product will be delivered on the address you selected tomorrow. You can also choose a delivery option that suits you or pick up your order in one of our stores.

Invoice and quote with reference number

We can add a reference number to your quote, order, and invoice right away. That’s useful for your administration. Do you use a purchasing system? You can use that to order products via our website.

Your own account manager

You’ll have your own account manager, who is up to date on your business situation. We’ll be able to give you even better advice and answer all your questions quickly.

Receive quotes quickly

Nobody likes waiting. If you call us to request a quote, you’ll receive it the same day. We’ll check the size of your order and calculate the best offer for you.

Real stores

We have stores in /Brussels, Zaventem, Wilrijk, and Ghent. The Coolbluers there can advise you on products that suit your situation, answer your questions, and help you set up your product. You can always pick up your order in one of our stores, even if you pay afterwards.

Pay afterwards

As a B2B customer, you can place orders on account and pay afterwards. You have to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce for at least a year in order to qualify for that.

B2B account

Reasons to create an account:

  • Manage all your orders and invoice in one place
  • Order faster once you save your address information
  • Easily download your invoices

Business services

Phones and tablets

With the right software, installing, updating, and managing multiple devices at the same time is very easy. Of course, you also want to protect your smartphone or tablet against fall and impact damage. We can place a screen protector and a cover before delivery. Is your smartphone going to break? We'll repair it via our own CoolblueRepareert service.

Business IT

We'll advise you on the right products for your workplace. Once we've selected the right products, we'll help you roll out and install the workplaces. You can choose whether you want to buy or rent your them. We'll collect old equipment for you, erase the data in a GDPR-certified way, and pay the residual value to you.


With Apple, you can let all products work together easily. We roll out the devices for you in your business management environment and give advice on apps that are essential. With Apple Financial Services, you can provide your employees with the best and latest Apple products, but without any purchase costs.

Business assortment

Business laptops

Our business laptops can protect your documents better, have an extended warranty, and are sturdier.


Easily find the most suitable smartphone, tablet, or accessory for your company or organization.

Everything for your office

Thanks to our business assortment, it’s even easier to choose the best product.

Gift cards

Do you want to thank your employees? With a Coolblue gift card, they can choose from thousands of products. Do you want to use our gift cards for a giveaway or campaign? We’re happy to help you.


Contact your account manager right away to meet or to get personal advice. We’re available Monday through Friday, from 08:00 until 17:30.

  • Call us on 03 808 27 44
  • Email us via zakelijk@coolblue.be

Do you want to call us outside our opening hours? You can reach our customer service until 23:59.

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