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About Coolblue

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Coolblue. It once started as a student company. Now, it's a fast-growing e-commerce company with 12 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since our founding in 1999, we've had only one goal: to make you happy. We give advice and we have an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction. With over 4,500 Coolbluers, we work hard to amaze our customers.


Coolblue once started as a student company. Now, we're a fast-growing e-commerce company with stores, a delivery service, and an installation service.


Our culture is our success. Because every Coolblueer embraces our culture and consistently conveys our values.

Go Green & Friendly Business

We take our responsibility to make a positive contribution to the environment.


What's happening at Coolblue? Read the latest news and stay informed.


We'll show you what we've achieved the past few years. Step by step, we get a little better every day.

Careers at Coolblue

Do you want to work at Coolblue? Together, we work hard to make customers happy every day.

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