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How do I choose an Apple iMac?

When choosing an Apple iMac, it's good to consider what you'll be using the computer for. Will you be editing videos, photos, or keeping your records? Which processor is suitable, how much RAM your need, and what your minimum storage capacity should be, all depend on that. In this article, you'll read what you should take into account when choosing an Apple iMac.

Business and administrative use

Business and administrative use

If you're going to be using your Apple iMac for your administration and only use basic programs, an iMac with an Intel i3 processor will suffice. Do you work a lot with data? Then you should consider an iMac with Xeon processor. This iMac is optimized to quickly analyze data and prevent data from corrupting. With 8GB of RAM, you can process data more quickly. You store your important files on an SSD. 256GB of SSD storage will be enough if you only work with text files and Excel sheets.

  • Processor: at least Intel i3
  • RAM: 8GB or more
  • SSD storage: 256GB or more

Photo editing

Photo editing on iMac

For photo editing, you'll need at least an Intel i5 processor to know for sure that you can navigate Adobe Photoshop CC smoothly. The advice for photo editing is to have at least 8GB of RAM. With an SSD card, you'll notice that programs load quickly, which is what you want with large photo editing programs. That's why you should always get an SSD with at least 512GB of storage.

  • Processor: at least Intel i5
  • RAM: 8GB or more
  • SSD storage: 512GB or more

Video editing

Video editing on iMac

Do you not just edit photos, but work with video files as well? Then you'll need at least an i7 processor. The larger the files that you store, the more memory you'll need. So to store your edits in large video files, you'll need a drive with at least 1TB of storage. You can get as much RAM as you want, but the minimum requirement for video editing is 16GB.

  • Processor: at least Intel i7
  • RAM: 16GB or more
  • SSD storage: 1TB or more

The right screen

21.5-inch iMac and 27-inch iMac

When choosing an Apple iMac, consider how large the 2-in-1 PC should be. A 21.5-inch screen fits better in a small workspace or a full desk. A 27-inch screen will show more details and lets you work more accurately. This comes in handy if you like working with editing programs like Adobe Photoshop CC. Then there's the different between Full HD, 4K, and 5K image quality. 5K screens have a larger pixel density, giving the screen a better image quality.

Note: 5K screens are a future-oriented solution. A lot of applications and website are not optimized for 5K displays, though. That means you'll still see a 4K picture in 4K quality on a 5K screen.

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