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Apple iPhone 7 vs Apple iPhone X

Tuesday, September 12. The long awaited moment was finally here: Apple announced the successor of the iPhone 7. The device was named the Apple X - pronounced as Apple Ten. Why not 10 or 9? To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone. What features of the iPhone 7 does its successor have and what new features does it have? You can read it here.

Note: Apple iPhone X is no longer available

Due to the arrival of the Apple iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr, the Apple iPhone X will no longer be made. The Apple iPhone X is no longer available.

In short: similarities and differences

Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone X
Screen LCD 4.7 inches Retina HD OLED 5.8 inches Super Retina HD
Dual camera No Yes
Optical image stabilization Yes Yes
Unlock Fingerprint Facial recognition
Wireless charging No Yes
Casing Metal Glass
Waterproof Yes, IP67 Yes, IP67
Storage capacity 32GB / 128GB / 256GB 64GB / 256GB


The design of Apple iPhone X is the most striking change compared to iPhone 7 in my opinion. Where iPhone 7 is easily recognizable as an Apple phone, the iPhone X has a new look. The screen has grown and is now the entire front of the smartphone. The famous round Apple home button is no longer there.

Side by side

iPhone 7 design

iPhone 7: recognizable Apple design

The iPhone 7 is clearly recognizable as an Apple device. The round home button and the symmetrical black bezels at the top and bottom of the screen are key features of Apple. Beautiful, but as a result, the screen is only 4.7 inches. Personally, I'd rather have a larger screen. The quality of the LCD screen is good, but an OLED screen is more beautiful. On an OLED screen, pixels light up individually and they can be turned off separately, so black is really black, for example.

iPhone X design

iPhone X: new look

After 10 years, Apple completely deviates from the smartphone design that they've used for years. The display now covers the entire front side of the device. Even the selfie camera is surrounded by the screen. I think that's a big improvement. Apple has also chosen OLED instead of for LCD for the first time. The color reproduction of this technique is more beautiful, and it contributes to the energy-efficiency of iPhone X. At the back of the device, you can find a vertical dual camera.


To make room for the large screen, the iPhone X no longer has a home button. The fingerprint scanner was integrated into the home button, so that's no longer there either. It was replaced by facial recognition, called Apple Face ID.

Side by side

iPhone 7 touch sensor

iPhone 7: Touch ID

On its predecessors, the home button was a mechanical button, but on the iPhone 7 that's no longer the case. Partly because of that, the smartphone is now waterproof. Apple has integrated a vibration function, so it feels like you're pressing a button, which I think is nice. It feels as though you pressed a button. The home button of the iPhone 7 has an integrated fingerprint scanner, which you can use to unlock the phone and protect your data.

Want to read more about the home button of iPhone 7? I'll tell you all about it in an article about using the home button.

iPhone X Face ID

iPhone X: Face ID

To make room for the screen, the home button has disappeared, including fingerprint scanner. That's why Apple introduced Face ID, which works differently than other types of facial recognition. The camera analyzes thousands of points on your face to create a 3D image, so the system can't be fooled by a photo. This apparently makes Face ID safer. It sounds promising, so I'm curious how this works. Another area affected by the missing home button is the phone's navigation. You can now open the multitask menu by swiping the screen, and you can activate Siri via a button on the side.


The camera of my smartphone is pretty important to me. I also use my phone as a camera, during trips or on vacation. With the iPhone 7, I can take beautiful pictures, but Apple has really stepped up their game with the iPhone X. It has an extra camera at the back, and the selfie camera has also been improved.

Side by side

iPhone 7 camera

iPhone 7: single camera

The Apple iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. This allows me to take sharp photos and record stable videos. The image stabilization compensates for movements that I make while taking photos and recording videos, so my images are sharp despite those movements. The camera has a large shutter, so I can also take clear pictures in low light.

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iPhone X camera

iPhone X dual camera

The biggest difference between the camera of the iPhone 7 and iPhone X is that the iPhone X has an extra one. This allows you to zoom in with optical zoom, without loss of quality, and take photos in portrait mode. This feature illuminates the subject of your photo, because the background is less sharp. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus also has this option, but the iPhone X is the first iPhone that also has portrait mode on the selfie camera. I can use the selfie camera to make fun animoji recordings. The famous Apple emojis can now talk, thanks to the facial recognition.

Casing and charging

In terms of design, it's not only the screens of the iPhone 7 and iPhone X that differ, but also the casing. The Apple iPhone 7 has a sturdy metal housing. For the iPhone X, Apple has chosen a glossy, glass casing. By choosing this material, Apple enabled the phones to be charged wirelessly.

Side by side

iPhone 7 casing

iPhone 7: metal casing

The metal casing of the iPhone 7 is sturdy. I wouldn't throw my phone around, but metal can take a beating. In addition, it feels nice when I hold the device. It's slightly heavier than a plastic casing, but the smartphone feels sturdier and of better quality. Unfortunately, almost all metal phones aren' Qi compatible, including the iPhone 7. That means I can't charge it wirelessly. It would've been nice if I could, but charging my phone via a cable works fine.

iPhone X casing

iPhone X: glass casing

Instead of a metal casing, the Apple iPhone X has a glass casing. In my opinion, this material gives the smartphone a more beautiful, glossy appearance than the metal. The glass does make me more afraid that my phone will break. An advantage of the glass is that it allows you to charge your phone wirelessly. Apple has made iPhone X Qi-compatible, so I can charge the device wirelessly and via a cable.


Compared to the iPhone 7, the iPhone X is definitely an improvement. Thanks to the new design, the screen has grown, without the device being too big. I am also happy with the new camera, because I can take even better photos with the iPhone X. Unfortunately, these improvements have a hefty price tag. Do you want the best iPhone out there, no matter the price? I definitely recommend the iPhone X.

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