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The AEG 6000 vs AEG 7000 washing machine

You doubt which AEG Lavamat washing machine you should take. If you don't like ironing, choose a 7000 model. The AEG ProSteam steam function reduces wrinkles in your clothes, which means you have less ironing. The entry-level model, the AEG 6000, does not have this technology and is slightly less economical. In this article I show you the most important differences.

Most important differences between all AEG series

AEG 6000 AEG 7000 AEG 8000 AEG 9000
SoftWater (color retention) No No No Yes
ÖKOMix (cleaner laundry) No No Yes Yes
ProSteam (less creases) No Yes Yes Yes
ProSense (small load of laundry) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Energy label C or D C B A
Load capacity 7 - 10kg 8 - 10kg 8 - 9kg 9kg


AEG ProSense washing machine

AEG 6000: suitable for a small loads

If you buy an AEG washing machine from the 6000 series, the entry level model, the washing machine only has ProSense technology. All AEG washing machines have this. The load sensor weighs the amount of laundry in the drum and adjusts the cycle duration accordingly. This is handy when you have less laundry and don't want to wait until the laundry basket is full. Thanks to ProSense, the program doesn't last longer than necessary and you save energy. Your clothing will also look beautiful for longer.

AEG ProSteam washing machine

AEG 7000: suitable for small loads and reduces wrinkles

The AEG washing machine from the 7000 series has both ProSense and ProSteam. That means you get a steaming function if you pay just a little bit more for your washing machine. This function smooths out your clothes with steam and reduces creases by a third. This way, ironing will take less time. You can also use the steaming function to freshen up clothes you only wore 1 day. In addition to ProSteam, the washing machine also has ProSense. This sensor shortens the cycle if you've put in a small load.

Energy label

Energy label AEG 6000 series washing machine

AEG 6000: C or D (front-loading) or F (top-loading) energy label

An AEG front-loading washing machine from the 6000 series has a C or D energy label. This'll cost you an average of € 34 on annual energy costs. Do you want a top-loading washing machine? Then you're bringing home a washing machine with an F energy label. Top-loading washing machines are less energy-efficient than front-loading models. They'll cost you up to € 40 on annual energy costs. If you want an energy-efficient model, choose a front-loading washing machine.

Energy label AEG 7000 series washing machine

AEG 7000: C energy label (front-loading)

The 7000 series only includes front-loading washing machines. These models all have a C energy label. Just like the 6000 series, you pay an average of € 34 on annual energy costs. If you want a front-loading model, it doesn't matter if you choose the 6000 or 7000 series when it comes to energy consumption.

Load capacity

Load capacity AEG washing machine 6000 series

AEG 6000: ranges from 7 to 10kg

A 6000 series washing machine is available from 7 kg of fill weight. With this filling weight you wash the laundry of 1 or 2 people and you do the laundry several times a week. The 6000 series has washing machines up to 10 kilos. This is suitable for a household of 5 people or more. Handy when you have a large family.

Load capacity AEG washing machine 7000 series

AEG 7000: ranges from 8 to 10kg

The 7000 series starts with a load capacity of 8kg. This is suitable for a household of 3 or 4 people. If you live alone or with another person, then an AEG 7000 offers plenty of space for you. This is not a problem, because the ProSense load sensor shortens the cycle for a small load. Just like the 6000 series, the 7000 series has washing machines with a load capacity up to 10kg.

Difference AEG 7000 vs. 8000 washing machine

Do you not only want a steaming function, but also a cleaner washing result? Have a look at the difference between the AEG 7000 and 8000 series. The 8000 model has ÖKOMix technology that distributes the detergent over you clothes evenly.

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