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What determines the build quality of a dishwasher?

The build quality of a dishwasher is decisive for the life of the appliance. A dishwasher is hereby assessed on 7 different specifications. Depending on the score per specification, the dishwasher falls into building quality top class, middle class or base class. In this article I explain which specifications these are and what the difference is between these classes.

The specifications of build quality

  • ** Material tub: ** a stainless steel tub is more hygienic and reduces the risk of leakage.
  • ** Engine type: ** a brushless motor is less likely to wear, has a lower energy consumption and a lower noise level.
  • ** Type of water protection: ** The more types of water protection a dishwasher has, the safer the appliance.
  • ** Machine cleaning: ** Thoroughly cleans the dishwasher from the inside so that it will not stink or become clogged.
  • ** Guide rails: ** a welded guide rail ensures that the lower basket does not derail or catch on something.
  • ** Bearing wheels: ** casters roll more smoothly and wear less.
  • ** Noise level: ** The thickness and type of insulation, material use and motor determine whether a dishwasher is quiet or not.

High-end build quality

inverter motor

If you are looking for a dishwasher with a long life, then the build quality top class is the best choice for you. The devices in this segment have at least 70% of the above specifications and always have an inverter motor. Combined with the housing and insulation, this ensures a relatively low noise level. For an extra long life you choose a dishwasher with machine cleaning function. This ensures that no dirt remains that cause blockages.

Mid-range build quality

stainless steel cockpit

The dishwashers in this class have at least 50% of the above specifications and all have a stainless steel cockpit. The advantage of this is that the tub forms one whole and therefore has no seams or cracks. As a result, no food remains are trapped and the risk of leakage is reduced. Most dishwashers in this segment have an inverter motor. This wears less quickly than a normal engine and uses less energy.

Basic build quality

basic class dishwasher

If you are looking for a relatively cheap dishwasher, go for a model with building quality base class. You then deliver on the life of the device. The dishwashers in this class have less than 50% of the above specifications. Despite the lower lifespan, each dishwasher always has 1 or more forms of water protection. This way you prevent leakage on your kitchen floor.

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