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How do I froth milk with a fully automatic coffee machine?

With a fully automatic espresso machine, you can choose from 4 different milk frothing methods. This way, you'll not only brew espresso and black coffee with your machine, but you can also make cappuccinos and lattes. In this article, we'll tell you about the different methods to help you choose the right milk frothing system.

With a milk reservoir

Fully automatic with milk reservoir

With a fully automatic espresso machine with a milk reservoir, you can prepare milk specialties with the touch of a button. Fill the reservoir with cold milk and click it onto the machine. Choose the desired milk specialty, and the machine will do the rest. The milk is poured automatically from the reservoir into your cup of coffee. Is there some milk left? Simply place the milk reservoir in the fridge.

With a milk tube

Fully automatic with milk tube

With a fully automatic espresso machine with a milk tube, you slide the milk tube into a carton of milk or a separate milk reservoir. Choose which milk specialty you want to make, and the machine will start frothing. The frothed milk is poured automatically into your cup of coffee via the milk tube. After use, simply place the milk carton back in the fridge and clean the milk tube.

With an automatic steam wand

Fully automatic with automatic steam wand

You can froth the milk in your cup with an automatic steam wand. Fill the cup with the desired amount of milk and place it underneath the steam wand. Press the button and the steam wand will automatically froth the milk in your cup. Don't forget to clean the steam wand after use.

With a manual steam wand

Coffee machine with manual steam wand

A manual steam wand gives you a lot of influence over the quality of the foam. That's because you froth the milk yourself in a milk pitcher. This requires some extra work. But if you master this technique, you'll get the best foam. After frothing, pour the milk into your coffee cup. Don't forget to clean the steam wand afterwards.

Which type of milk should you use?

Plant-based milk varieties

For a cappuccino with soft and creamy milk foam, the type of milk you choose is important. Two-thirds of a cappuccino consists of milk. Frothing milk is best with full-fat milk. Make sure the milk is cooled before you froth it. Do you prefer to use vegetable milk? Read which is best for cappuccino here.

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