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How do you choose the best wireless earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are earbuds that work via Bluetooth, so there is no cable hanging around your body. This ensures all freedom of movement and makes it ideal for multiple situations. In this article you can read about the different types of wireless earbuds and what to look out for.

Choose wireless earbuds

Overview earbuds

Wireless earbuds have a number of functions that are useful for different situations. If you want wireless earbuds, ask yourself the following:

  • What type of wireless earbuds do you want?
  • Are you going to exercise with the earbuds?
  • Do you want earbuds for the road?
  • Do you want more functions via an app?

What type of wireless earbuds do you want?

Type of wireless earbuds

There are 2 types of wireless earbuds: with cable in your neck and without. Earbuds with a cable in your neck are still attached. Because of this, they do not fall out of your ear, but remain stuck when they fall out. The cable almost always has a remote control that you use to control the music. With fully wireless earbuds, the earbuds are in your ears, without a cable in between. The biggest advantage of fully wireless earbuds is that you store them in a charging case. With this portable power bank you will not lose your earbuds quickly and you will always be supplied with power. Earbuds with a cable in your neck are often cheaper than fully wireless earplugs.

Do you want to exercise with the earbuds?

Sports earbuds

If you are looking for wireless earbuds for exercise, they must be water resistant or waterproof. How waterproof earbuds are is determined by means of an IP certification. This certification consists of 2 digits, the second of which stands for how waterproof they are. Do you want to be sure that no water damage due to sweat or rain occurs? Then go for earbuds with an IPX4 certification or higher. The higher the figure, the less chance of water damage. Do you exercise a lot outside? Then see if the earbuds support Ambient Sound. This function enhances ambient noise, keeping you alert of your environment during a workout.

Do you want to use the earbuds on the road?

Earbuds en route

When you have a long journey ahead, nothing is better than listening to your favorite music. In principle, every set of earbuds is suitable for enjoying music on the move. Do you suffer a lot from disturbing ambient noise along the way? Then look for earb udswith noise canceling. Note: noise canceling earbuds dampen ambient noise much less than noise canceling headphones.

Do you want extra functions via an app?

App earbuds

Some wireless earbuds have a matching app that gives you access to additional functions. For example, with many apps you have the option of adjusting the sound via an equalizer. This allows you to listen to your favorite music the way you want. With some sport earbuds, you get access to an activity tracker via an app. This activity tracker displays your sports performance, giving you an even better picture of your workout.

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